What Kind of Paint to use on Lampshades

What Kind of Paint to use on Lampshades? The Complete Guide

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What kind of paint to use on Lampshades? Before deciding the best paint to recolor the old lampshade, we need to be sure that the color of the lampshade matches the wall color. When the shade matches perfectly with the entire color scheme, a room will be warm and so comfortable.

A lamp and its illumination can change the entire mood of a room. A shady illumination in a bedroom will be a good idea since it will help people to feel drowsy and sleepy. Meanwhile, bright lighting is an important factor in a comfortable library and home office. In addition, it is also important to set the right lighting for the dining room.

For a family room, the lampshade should provide a romantic or homey impression. But more than that, the color of the lampshade can improve the room perfectly. A lampshade can actually provide a wonderful aesthetic. Even, the style of the lampshade can determine the style of the interior.

How can I change the Color of my Lamp Shade?

An old ornament in a room can be boring most of the time. Therefore, people tend to remove old room décor and buy a new one in order to improve the look of the room. However, we can actually redecorate old things to get a new look. Instead of buying a new lampshade, we can change the color so it will appear new.

Lampshades are made of natural fibers. Most lampshades are made of linen or silk. For lampshades that are made of cotton, fabric dye will be the best technique to recolor. Other lampshades are made of fiber. It will be still possible to recolor fibers but we need to use paint.

The result will be good as we change the light color of the lampshade into a darker one. It is necessary that we make a plan for obtaining the best result. Some patterned lampshades can be changed into a new and gorgeous look but it will need an extra plan. We need to use paint which is darker than the original color.

Even if you are not a crafter, you will be able to change the color of the lampshade with easy steps. There are at least two ways to change the lampshade colors. We can use dye for coloring the lampshades. Or for a more permanent result, we can use paint.

a. Dye Method

STEP 1: Get ready to repaint the lampshade by wearing gloves. Mix the dye with cold water in an old pot. We have to read the instruction on the packaging before starting the project. Also, we have to be sure that we use a bath that can accommodate at least half the size of the lampshade side.

How can I Change the Color of my Lamp Shade - Dye Method

STEP 2: Next, we can put the lampshade in the basin of the dye. It is often difficult to find a container that can fully cover the shade. But that is fine. Just let the lampshade on the dye for at least 30 seconds before removing it.

STEP 3: Repeat for another side and let it be there for 30 seconds at least. Use the newspaper to set the shade after coating in the dye. Remember that fabric dye will take to natural fibers. The dye will not soak into metal and synthetic fabrics. Therefore, we do not have to cover the metal parts for protecting the metals.

STEP 4: After that, we need to make sure that the color has reached the perfect shade that we want to obtain. If we want to get a deeper color, we have to repeat the step so the color depth will be flawless.

STEP 5: When we are done, we have to let the lampshade to dry for several hours. Don’t touch the surface so the paint will be completely done.

b. Paint Method

STEP 1: First of all, cover the floor with some old newspapers. That way, we can spray or paint the lampshade without worrying about the splashing paint into our flooring.

STEP 2: Set the lampshade on top of the newspapers.

STEP 3: The paint can possibly splash on the metal parts. So, we need to cover the metal with masking tape. Or we can paint the metal parts too.

How can I Change the Color of my Lamp Shade - Paint Method

STEP 4: We can use liquid paint and use a manual method for painting the lampshade. Or we can also use spray paint. However, we need to be very careful with the spray paint. Use a thin layer and coat the shade evenly.

STEP 5: It is important to be patient and let the paint dry before continuing the procedure. If we want to get a deeper color, we need to try spraying it again so the color will look thicker and deeper. Most of the time, we will need to use both liquid paint and sprayer for painting the lampshade.

STEP 6: To get a deeper color, we will need to spray additional coats. Don’t rush the procedure and wait for each coat to dry.

STEP 7: Alternately, apply the acrylic paint. We can even use a sponge-tipped paintbrush so the color will be prettier.

STEP 8: The dappled effect looks good when we use a spray bottle. The formula is to mix acrylic paint and cold water. Spray with the adjusted nozzle. Move the lampshades evenly so the paint will cover it all over.

STEP 9: If we want to get more than color, pick the colors well and do the spraying slowly. Always wait for the color to try before applying the second color.

STEP 10: When the painting is over, remove the tape on the metal parts and place back the lampshade. What kind of paint to use on Lampshades? dye paint, acrylic paint, and any paint will be good as long as we apply the paint correctly.

Is it OK to Paint a lampshade? Tips on Recoloring Old Lampshades

The DIY project is always rewarding. So, repainting a lampshade is definitely a good idea. It is relaxing and so much fun to do. We can even create a more valuable work of art by repainting the shades. However, some people question whether the project is safe for homeowners.

Is it OK to paint a lampshade? Even though it depends on the paint used for doing the project, the answer is YES. It is absolutely okay to repaint the lampshades. It is safe and cool for the interior décor.

Some people worry about the smell of the new paint on the lampshade. But, when we do the painting properly and let the paint dry before installing it, the DIY project of repainting the lampshade will be totally fine.

What kind of paint to use on Lampshades?

The best results will depend on the paint that we use for a specific material of the lampshade. A dirty lampshade will look clean. An old lampshade will appear fantastic with new paint. But we need to know the best paints to use on the lampshades.

Here are 9 types of paints you can use on your lampshade:

1. Watercolor

Repainting the old lampshades requires an artistry skill. However, we can always follow the tutorial for obtaining a tidy result. For a plain white paper lampshade, we will need to only use a shimmering aquarelle/watercolor paint. The paints are usually packed in small jars. For those who love bold and bright colors will love this type of paint. Watercolour is a perfect choice for fabric lampshade.

Watercolor - types of paint you can use on your lampshade

Start by wetting the watercolor before brushing it on the paper. Create a thick cover for popping up the new color flawlessly. Remember that watercolor paint can dry instantly. So, we need to be very careful when applying each color. The colors will usually fade over time so we can actually do touch-ups every time we feel that the shades need renewing. This paint will work best for paper lanterns and bamboo shades.

2. Spray Paint

This should be one of the most popular ways to use for recoloring the lampshades. It is also recommended for efficiency. It will be quick and easy to use the sprayer. The finish will look opaque and flawless as we use spray paint. We can easily buy the colors that we love for the shades that we want to design.

Spray paint - types of paints you can use on your lampshade

How to check the uneven color? We can use the simple trick of placing the lamp back on its base and turn the light on. We will be able to check the bad spots so we can cover the lampshade with the second coating. For a more dramatic shade, we may use high gloss spray paint.

What kind of spray paint/aerosol spray to use on lampshades?

There are at least three types of spray paint that will work well for painting lampshades. The first one is Frosted. This will create a look of etched glass. It is actually designed for mirrors or doors. But it will match stencils for various decorative ideas.

Next, we can also use a finish coating. It adds a high-quality finish which will match all types of items. This spray paint looks best for furniture. However, it will be a good idea for fabric lampshades. Next, we can use Specialty spray paints. It will show a metallic and reflective finish when used in furniture. Yet, it can also deliver a stunning effect on antique and stone.

3. Fabric Paint

Fabric paint will be a perfect choice for lampshades made of fabric. This paint can hold the heavy dust that often falls on the surface of the shade. Also, it can resist the heat of the light bulb inside the shade. Fabric paints come in small jars so we can easily get the color shades that we want.

Fabric paint - types of paints you can use on your lampshade

For a solid material, we can use dark paint. The paint can be applied thin or thick based on the style that we want to achieve. The fabric paint is designed for fabric. Therefore, there will no flakes when using the paint. Flakes will not appear as well.

4. Hobby Paint and Faux Finishes

Hobby Paint and Faux Finishes - types of paints you can use on your lampshade

If we opt for a cheaper product, this hobby paint is the right choice. The paints come in rainbow colors. The finish is glossy with a metallic appearance. It is good to use for a small shade. For a metal lampshade, the faux finish can be a good pick.

5. Fabric Dye

Fabric dye - types of paints you can use on your lampshade

Fabric dye is always a good idea for coloring fabric lampshade. It will change the color easily. The fresh look will appear instantly as we pick the best pigment color to change the old and shabby look. However, only plain shades with no patter that can match this dye. Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect your hands when doing the repaint project with this coloring method.

6. Acrylic Paint (Hand-Painting)

Acrylic paint (Hand-Painting) - types of paints you can use on your lampshade

If you are good at drawing or painting, you can use the hand-painting method in renewing the look of your old lampshades. Even though a direct painting is possible, but it is important to draw the design on paper before starting to paint. It is good to use a small brush and acrylic paint so the result will be more perfect. Don’t rush the art. Let the paint dry totally before installing it to the original place.

7. Chalk Paint

Chalk paint - types of paints you can use on your lampshade

This type of paint is recommended because this very paint is suitable for almost any surface. Painting an old lampshade will be easy to use this Annie Sloan chalk paint. We need to use an angled paintbrush for recoloring the old lampshade. What is so special with this paint is that it can provide a warm gray color to the shade. The paint can soak into the fabric well so the result will be cool.

8. Glass Paint

Glass paint - type of paint use on lampshade

Glass paint is formulated to give a good appearance on the glass lampshade. Therefore, this paint is a perfect choice for painting mirrors, furniture with glass, and even ceramic. However, little did we know that the glass paint can actually work on fabric and plastic. We can thus use this paint for coloring lampshades.

9. Stencil Paint

Stencil paint - types of paints you can use on your lampshade

Artworks on any media and it will be great to apply stencil art on the old lampshades. We can totally change the look of an old shade with wonderful stencil art. There are many styles and ideas that we can get online. Of course, we can always create stencil art but if we do not have much time, we can use templates/patterns available online.

When the stencils are ready, we can spray the shades with any possible sprayer paint and get the amazing results in no time. Acrylic paint or latex paint also works with stencils.

What kind of paint to use on glass lamp shades?

  • Oil glass paint
  • Glass paint marker
  • Enamel glass paint
  • Acrylic glass paint
  • Glass and tile medium

Painting the surface of the glass will create true art. The inspiring effect will be done perfectly as we choose the right paint and tools to do the task. Even the DIY project on glass lamp shades will produce a high-class result when the paint is well-selected.

One of the best choices is enamel glass paint. This paint is designed to look excellent on smooth and shiny surfaces. So, metal and ceramics will also look excellent with the enamel glass paint.

Enamel paint sometimes is mixed with varnish or urethane to improve its shine and hardness. Pick opaque enamel to create a solid appearance. The items inside the glass will change the color because of the color thickness. Use a small brush or sponge to apply the paint.

What kind of paint to use on the fabric lampshade?

For shades that are made of fabric, fabric paint is the right companion. It creates all types of designs that we love. High-quality paint for fabric lampshades will do on any surfaces and textures. Also, we do not have to worry about its durability. We can wash the fabric and still get the pop-up color forever.

There are many kinds of fabric paint available in the market. The paints are basically useful for clothes, jackets, curtains, and lampshades. The old-fashion garment will look just beautiful with new colors. So, our job is to use the right portion of color so we can create elegance.

Some transparent fabric paint will look best on the light shade. Besides, we can use Opaque fabric paint which will appear white or metallic. Dark fabric will look pretty with this option. Dyes are the other options. Dyes will stick to fabric stronger even though it is hard to apply on the lampshades. The last option will be the spray fabric paint. This one will be a great paint for a stenciled project.

Best Paint to Use on Lampshades?

Most people worry about the paints before dealing with the project of recoloring old lampshades. Based on the experienced and expert painter, spray paint will be more comfortable to use. However, the glass shade will not be gorgeous to color with spray paint. So, we need to make sure that the paint is perfect for the lampshades’ materials.

The best paint is the one that is designed for specific material. See the material of the shades before buying the perfect paint.

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