What type of bulb does a salt lamp use

What Type of Bulb does a Salt Lamp Use?

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Himalayan Salt is one of the healthiest ways for improving the quality of air in our house. Salt has been proven to be the most incredible health discoveries which can now be pretty home decor. The pure crystal salt is originated from the prime body of the sea. Himalayan crystal salt contains more than 80 types of minerals that are all natural. We can thus get healthier air by the negative released by the salt lamp.

Himalayan salt has been long used as a beautiful way to decorate and improve our air quality through illumination. Though there are some types of Himalayan salt products, we can apparently get the best effect from the salt lamp. While using the product, we need to know several important information.

“ What type of bulb does a salt lamp use? What bulb color to use in the salt lamp? What is the right bulb size to use? ”

Types of Light Bulbs

Before selecting the right bulbs for our Himalayan salt lamp replacement, it is necessary that we are informed with the bulb types. Here are some of the selections:

1. Incandescent Bulb

It is one of the most used light bulbs in many electrical devices. The price is the least expensive as well. The impression of warm and appealing makes this light bulb chosen in many kinds of a lighting fixture. Besides, it provides inviting quality. When used in a walking closet or powder room, this lighting can provide very complimentary to skin tones. Therefore, this light bulb is believed to be psychologically appealing.

2. Halogen Bulb

This type of bulb is a variation of the incandescent. The bulbs provide natural daylight illumination that is called by white light. Its color is sharper than the ordinary incandescent bulbs. Besides, the light can be dimmed. The price is higher but it is more energy efficient.

3. Fluorescent Bulb

If you need a flat and cold light, this bulb is the best choice. It has a bright illumination that can be equivalent to the daylight. We can find various kinds of fluorescent in the market. For instance, we can get warm bulbs, cool bulbs, and the ones that are designed with special colors. It is a good choice for large areas of rooms such as attics and basement.

What Kind of Bulb Goes in a Salt Lamp?

Well, the best idea is to find a light bulb that is exactly similar to the original bulb from the salt lamp. So, it is important that we bring the light bulb over when we are buying the light bulbs. Common generic bulbs ranging in size from 4-watt night to 40-watt chandelier bulb will do. Yet, we can always rely on the tungsten filament light bulb for our salt lamp.

What are the Best Size Bulbs for Salt Lamp?

It is important to pick the right type of the lamp and the right size of it as well. Here are some of the options to choose:

  • Himalayan salt lamps with 3-11 lbs (mini, small, medium) require a 15 watt light bulb
  • Himalayan salt lamps with 12-20 lbs (large, extra large) require a 25 watt light bulb
  • Himalayan salt lamps with 21-40 lbs (jumbo) require a 40 watt light bulb
  • Himalayan salt lamps with 41-200 lbs (super jumbo plus, super jumbo ++) require 50-60 watt light bulbs.

Best bulb for salt lamp

How to Choose the Correct Light Bulb Size for your Himalayan salt lamp?

The first thing to find is the salt lamp replacement bulb that can provide heat. Besides, we need to use the size that fits well. Because we will use the salt lamp for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7), we have to pick the one that can save a lot in the electricity bill. We need to use 15 watts light bulb if possible.

However, LED light bulbs are not working because they do not generate heat. Yet, we still need to pick the best bulb that can make the salt work properly to emit the negative ion.

Learn more about Do Salt Lamps Work with LED and Halogen bulbs?

We need to choose the right light bulb based on the size of our Himalayan salt lamp. When selecting the salt lamp bulb, we need to make sure that the lamp remains wark. In addition, our salt lamp is a natural dehumidifier. So, it might drip if we are selecting the wrong bulb size. It is necessary that we select an incandescent light bulb with the correct candelabra base or C7 lamp base.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Colored Bulbs

Though the main function of the salt lamp is to purify the air, we can still get the decorative function from it. The look of the salt lamp is not so stunning. However, it will create a totally different atmosphere as we place in the room. The illumination of the salt lamp is special as well. We can actually get a salt lamp with colored bulbs for obtaining the most from it.

Himalayan salt lamp colored bulbs

Besides what type of bulb does a salt lamp use, we need to know whether we need to use colored bulbs. One way to see the color selection is based on the Kelvin rate. Yet, what is that exactly?

There are usually several types of light bulbs such as 3000 K, 4300 K, and 5000 K. Kelvin is basically the standard unit that is used to measure the color of light. Kelvin does not have to do with the strength of illumination of a light bulb and lighting temperature.

The higher the Kelvin number, the more similar the color to the sunlight or daylight; the lower the Kelvin numbers means more yellow light. The standard yellow of halogen lamp has 3200 K. Meanwhile, the darker yellow has 2500 K to 3000 K. The lamps that have higher size compared to the standard bulbs will have whiter or bluer color.

Where to Buy Salt Lamp Bulbs?

It is easy to find the correct light bulbs for our Himalayan salt lamp online. We can get it at Amazon. The sizes are varied so we can get the perfect one for our salt lamp. Additionally, we can join the forum and ask what type of bulb does a salt lamp use?. The answers from the experienced members will be very helpful.

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