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Some Selections of Small and Large Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Now that we know the health and aesthetical benefits a Himalayan Salt Lamp, we might want to know the small and large Himalayan Salt Lamp available so we can pick the right one for our interior décor. Despite the wonderful function an air purifier, we also need to use this very device for providing comfort and beauty to a room. Therefore, we should learn the types and sizes of this lamp.


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Well, there are two types of size that we can select for our room. We need to consider select the size that fits the room size; if we want to place in a tiny space such as an entryway or a small home library, we need to pick the small one. Meanwhile, if we have a quite spacious living room or a hall and want to inhale the healthy air with the negative ions, we need to consider the bigger size of Himalayan Salt Lamp. Here are the lists of small and large Himalayan Salt Lamp:

The Largest Himalayan salt lamp

Big Sized Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. The Mega Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is the biggest salt lamp on the market. The dimension is no joke: 24″tall x 15″wide. If you are searching for the biggest Himalayan Salt Lamp for a big purpose, you need to get this lamp purchased right away because it will not be restocked once it is sold out. Market calls are as Mega eclipses because of the rareness. This product is manufactured due to the market request; possibly for commercial use. It is made of extremely rare and ancient salt stones.

large himalayan salt lamp spiritualrequest

A salt lamp this size will be able to reach 1800 to 1900 feet. It will generate negative ion impact cloud for a big room. Its weight is approximately 1lb of Himalayan Lamps that covers 10 square with healthy Ions. However, the shipping might be a little heavier due to the protection package. It is offered starting at $429.90. We can get this mega Himalayan Salt Lamp at

2. IndusClassic Giants Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

The aforementioned product of Himalayan salt lamp might be suitable for commercial space because of the size this IndusClassic giant salt lamp is produced for residential usage. The size is big but it is manufactured to suit in the bedroom. We can purchase it through eBay. It weighs approximately 270 to 300 lbs. The rate is started from $699.95 with free shipping offer.

large himalayan salt lamp ebay

3. Custom Himalayan Salt Lamp

This type of Salt Lamp’s dimension:
Length: 15 “,
Width: 15 ”
Height: 35 ”
It is offered for Price: $450.00 at site

large himalayan salt lamp hsu

4. Black Tai Super Large Himalayan Salt Lamp

The giant salt lamp is also offered at Amazon. It weighs 150-300 Lbs and is offered for $855.99. It is 100% original and now only one product left so you have to hurry.

large himalayan salt lamp amazon

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Small Sized Himalayan Salt Lamp

1. USB Salt Lamp

I will start the small salt lamp review from a USB lamp offered at Etsy. The product is handmade and cute to give as a special gift. It is made of orange Himalayan salt that can provide excellent impacts on health and mood. The dimension is 4.5 inches. It will be unforgettable to receive this unique and romantic gift from someone special.

Small Himalayan salt lamp etsy

2. LED Light Himalayan Salt Lamp

This product is offered for only $12.49 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25. It is equipped with an LED light and USB powered system. Despite the small size, this device will produce refreshed air and neutralize electromagnetic as well. It is also pretty with its hardwood base. Get it at Amazon.

Small Himalayan salt lamp amazon

3. Computer USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

It will be comfortable to work with a computer and get a healthy impact with this small USB salt lamp. We can plug into the computer and enjoy a better mood. It weighs 1 lb and the size is approximately 3”. This cute little lamp is offered for $19.95 at

Small Himalayan salt lamp sowellmade

Those are some selections of small and large Himalayan Salt Lamp that we can purchase for our homes and office.

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