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Selenite Lamps: Facts, Benefits and How to Use Them

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Selenite lamps are the alternative interior decor that we will treasure. We will need to reveal the Selenite Lamps Facts for the most beneficial effects for our house. Before finding out about the selenite lamp price and quality, we need to make sure that we know the origin of selenite.

What is a Selenite Lamp?

The selenite lamp is a gypsum crystal. It is the most common gypsum of all sulfate minerals. The color is transparent, white and so shiny. Light passes through it easily, creating a warming glow. That is why Selenite tower skyscraper looks elegant as home decor. Besides, there are various mystical healing benefits that we can obtain from the selenite.

The word selenite is originally from the Goddess name of Greek mythology. It simply means the moon. The name was chosen because of the white and bright color. Besides, the name represents the prettiness of the crystal.

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Selenite is found in : Mexico (Naica Mine & Amelia Mine), Morocco (Khoukhet Mine), Russia (Ural Mountains), Greece (Kamariza Mine & Lavrion Mine), Poland (Rudna Mine & Lubin Mine), Germany (Auguste-Victoria Mine & Diepenlinchen Mine), France (Sankt Johann mine), England (Levant Mine & West Pasture Mine), Australia (North Mine & Lake MacDonnell Gypsum Mine), and the US (Blanchard Mine & Grand Rapids Gypsum Mine).

All varieties of selenite are very soft minerals. The hardness scale states that the selenite is only 2 on the Mohs Scale. Even a fingernail can easily scratch it. The shape is tubular which makes the crystal a good commodity for various kinds of ornaments including the lamp, and the tower effect is achieved by splitting and chipping along natural cleavage surfaces. The insides are hollowed out to allow for the light bulb to be inserted. It is not only the shine and beauty but also the efficacy that makes the selenite lamp precious.

The main efficacy of the crystal is to help stabilize the emotions. It is true that the mental state is not easy to manage. Thus, it will be hard for controlling it with the help of an external factor such as a mineral or crystal. However, the content of selenite has been proven to be effective in balancing the emotional body. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to place the selenite crystal lamp at work or home office. That will be beneficial for providing energy shifting sources.

The Benefits of Selenite Lamps? Selenite Healing Properties

Also well known as Maria Glass, the selenite lamp has a spiritual property. Some countries call it a Satin Spar and Desert Rose. The Italian name for selenite is Sericolite. The stone has a high vibration that is believed to be able to grow the owner’s spirituality.

Selenite Healing Properties:

1. Improving Spirituality

Selenite lamps activate the Sahasrara or crown chakra, which is directly linked to the center of spiritual consciousness. With improved spirituality, people will be able to increase their positive mood towards anything. Therefore, their bodies will give a positive response to further physical conditions. Besides, it is true that a human’s physical health is fully determined by the mental condition. It is the stress that triggers various kinds of diseases. Besides, people need to maintain their peaceful mind if they want to avoid hard diseases such as hypertension or asthma.

2. Mental Clarity

It is hard to deny that selenite lamp has a mental clarity benefit. Selenite has been popular as a stone of mental clarity. This makes it possible to help people to embrace the difficulties of a dilemmatic situation. People will have the courage to make a strong decision. This capability is rare to those who are a perfectionist in anything. The everyday life troubles with mental disorientation and confusion will be solved with the selenite lamps.

3. Selenite for a Faithful Relationship

The stone can also help the owners to maintain their truth and honesty in a relationship. That will be positive for a marriage relationship. However, it is also a good idea to have the selenite lamp for maintaining faithfulness in a corporate relationship.

Other spiritual and healing properties of selenite lamp include the flexibility and intuition. Besides, it can block negative energy. The psychic benefits make the selenite stones more priceless. People can use the lamp around their meditation corner so they can obtain spiritual development.

The medical healing properties of selenite lamp:

  • Slow the growth of tumors
  • Improving grain issues
  • Reducing Confusion
  • Curing Alzheimer’s disease
  • Curing Dementia
  • Decreasing Epilepsy effects
  • Aligning the spines
  • Ease Backache
  • Even promote a healthy breastfeeding relationship between mother and child.

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The Meaning of the Colors of Selenite Lamps

Selenite Lamps, also known as Elsa tower lamp, can be determined from the colors of the crystal. Normally, the stone has a clear color. However, some hues of colors occur due to the dominant mineral contents. Here are some of the selenite lamps with different colors.

1. Green Selenite

This type of selenite will be helpful to improve self-esteem. So, those who feel that they are not so confident about their conditions can pick this one for them. The green selenite lamps are also a brilliant choice for increasing a general sense of well-being.

2. Blue Selenite

This is the type of selenite lamp for those who want to increase their intuitive power. It is the best idea for a home office and corporate’s office because this lamp gives benefit to improve intellectual knowledge and power for assessment.

3. Orange Selenite

There are times that the orange colors look darker. So, this type of selenite can also appear in brown color. The benefits are to provide good encouragement to be more productive. The atmosphere of the room will be more comfortable and friendly with the orange selenite lamp around. A house with geopathic and electromagnetic stress will get cured with the lamp.

4. Peach Selenite

Peach is the soft color of orange. However, this type of selenite lamp has a different function. It helps to improve emotional transformation. This makes the lamp a great choice for those who need some natural healing due to the issues of abandonment and rejection. Besides, the stone is beneficial for alienation and betrayal healing problems.

How to Use Selenite for the Best Results

There are many versions that we can use to get optimal benefits from a selenite lamp. First of all, we can sit in a chair and step on the crystal lamps. When we feel the crystal wand or stone with our bare feet, we will be able to get the energy transferred from the natural stone. We need to get relaxed and breather naturally. The energy of the earth under our feet will create a positive mood that will give us the power to deal with the busy days. It takes at least 15 minutes for us to gain the balance of bodies. The secret power is just under our feet.

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Selenite lamp is also helpful to cleanse the aura. Users claim that they get a better feeling and mood as they use the selenite like an eraser. People need to only rub the crystal gently down their body to improve their positive energy. Besides, any bad feelings such as worries and anxiety will be gone instantly.

Some myths-related benefits are possible as well. Some users believe that the selenite crystal lamp is beneficial to clear the rooms from astral creatures. That might be concluded due to the better atmosphere that people experience as they have the selenite lamp at their rooms.

How to cleanse selenite lamp?

We need to be very careful when cleaning the lamp. The crystal is fragile and thus we have to use a gentle tool. We can easily cleanse the selenite lamp without any cleaning agent. It will be easy to cleanse the dust on the surface of the lamp by running the lamp under some clean air.

We have to dry the lamp right away after the cleaning. If you want to clean them, we recommend clean by dry sea salt, blow-dry, or a dry cloth. We must never soak the lamp in water. That will damage the crystal. We can also use a soft makeup brush to remove the dust for a safer cleansing method. Selenite is a fibrous crystal with natural fissures and fibers running lengthwise and will sometimes shed, so please be careful to use around children and pets.

What is the difference between the Himalayan Salt Lamp and Selenite Lamps?

Both lamps have different characters and benefits through the two lamps are made of natural minerals. Selenite is a type of gypsum while Himalayan salt is designed with Himalayan salt.

selenite tower lamp vs himalayan salt lamp

The color of the selenite lamp is clear while the Himalayan salt lamp has a pink or orange color. The selenite lamp is claimed to give peace of mind while the Himalayan salt lamp is used to purify the air. Also, both Himalayan Salt Lamps and Selenite Lamps are for indoor use only.

Those are the Selenite Lamps: Facts, benefits, and How to Use them tips. We need to get the information prior to buying the lamp.

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