Can you put essential oils directly on a himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp and Essential Oils Uses

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In this stressful universe, to put some efforts into providing comfort at home. We will need a special ambiance with the comforting smells of aromatherapy in our nest. Besides, we will need to purify the air in our interior. Therefore, the Himalayan salt lamp is an excellent choice. In addition, the essential oils for aromatherapy is also a brilliant idea. however, is it possible to mix the Himalayan salt lamp and essential oils?

With the vital function of a Himalayan salt lamp, we will need to be sure that we do any important maintenance to make the lamp fully functioned. There are times that we expose the lamps to dusty areas at home. Besides, some lamps sweating too much due to the humidity. But when the salt lamp reduces its quality due to some troubles, we will be able to do some tricks to restore its functions.

Before learning the tips, we need to reveal the main function of the Himalayan salt lamp. Also, we need to get informed about.

The benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp and essential oils:

1. To purify the air

Due to the exposure to technology and electronic device, our house will eventually increase its positive ions. That makes the air unhealthy. That is why effective air purifier like the salt lamp will be a good idea.

2. To improve the mood indoor

With the warm ambiance and healthy air, it will be good to increase the mood inside the room. So, the lamp is a good decor for giving a calming ambiance as well.

3. To reduce stresses

With healthy and more negative ions, the air will be helpful to give energy and more benefits to reduce the stresses. With those three benefits, there is one more aesthetical benefit that we can obtain by placing the lamp in the room. However, modern life urges people to get more than those benefits. It is necessary to get the aromatherapy effect from the lamp.

essential oils himalayan salt lamp

Modern homes love to improve the bathroom into a home spa. Therefore, there are now various bathroom vanities and furniture to provide excellent benefits for a home spa. People can get relaxed while taking a bath and inhaling the aromatherapy air. That will be nice and comfortable. Imagine that people can get various other benefits with the salt lamp and essential oils. To rub the essential oils on the surface of the lamp will do.

Yet, we can now find a special Himalayan salt lamp with a metal cup in the middle of the lamp. The cup will hold the oil. When the lamp heats up, the essential oil will burn and produce a super calming smell. The fragrant will be both calming. Therefore, the salt lamp plus essential oil is the best bet for a stress reliever.

Can you put essential oils directly on a Himalayan salt lamp?

The answer is definitely YES. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil onto a salt lamp and the warmth of the lamp will gently diffuse the oil into the room. The oils will produce an aromatherapy smell once we turn on the lamp. Therefore, we can get double functions from the Himalayan salt lamp.

We all know that the salt lamp is the best air purifier. Yet, we do not always get a direct benefit from a salt lamp. Therefore, it will be better to add some essential oil so it provides a calming effect right away.

How Salt lamp Reacts the Essential Oil

Salt does not interact with oil directly. This is so because oil is a non-polar solvent. However, the salt dissolves well in water because it is a polar solvent. Therefore, we can dry the lamp easily. However, it is a little tricky to do it since we need to find the right temperature to make the salt keep stable. In short, we can always undissolved a mixture of salt and oil. Even, in the industry, the salt is applied for separating oil and water.

Can you use a salt lamp and an oil diffuser in the same room?

Not sure yet, but I have tried it and the results are amazing. You will get benefit from both. The purpose of a salt lamp is to remove water and particles from the air, while the oil diffuser works by releasing oil molecules into the air for fragrance and aromatherapy.

Can the salt lamp absorb this oil like it absorbs water? Would they work against each other?

You don’t need to worry, because currently there are several products on the market that integrate and combine the functions of the salt lamp and oil diffuser. This proves that between the salt lamp and oil diffuser can work together in the same room.

As a rule, a substance made of polar molecules (salt) doesn’t mix with a substance made of nonpolar molecules (essential oils). Oil molecules, therefore, would not be attracted to the positive/negative ions of a salt lamp (Na+ and Cl-).

himalayan salt essential oil diffuser

Himalayan Salt Lamp and Essential Oils Containers

The claim if air purification of the Himalayan salt lamp has been proven through many customer’s reviews. And we also know that aromatherapy candles are also beneficial as a stress reliever. Therefore, we need to combine the two advantages within one beautiful product of Himalayan Salt Lamp.

One way to get the benefit is to rub the essential oils on the surface. Yet, that will not be efficient. Therefore, we need to purchase the new design of the salt lamp. It is created with a small container that can hold some oils. So, we can directly pour the oil on the lamp. The heat from the lamp will evaporate the essential oils, producing a pleasant aromatherapy fragrance for various purposes.

The size of the metal cup is sufficient for holding a few tablespoons of essential oils. So, the new design with container will disturb the efficacy of the Himalayan salt. As we turn the salt on, the lamp will get warm. That way, the oil will start to diffuse into the air. So, the salt lamp will create steam with a nice fragrance.

Most people get the wrong idea of an aromatherapy Himalayan salt lamp and essential oils. Most people believe that the lamp will burn the oils. The fact is that the warmth of the lamp will diffuse the oils into the air. There are some sizes of the Himalayan salt lamp that we can use. We need to pick the right lamp based on the size of our room. The smallest lamp is offered starting from $45. The jumbo and round aromatherapy lamp are available for $65.

Almost all high-quality product of Himalayan salt lamp and essential oils are handcrafted. Therefore, the lamp is quite expensive. We will love to have the lamp as an interior decor because of the natural material. It has a wooden base. The product includes an essential cord and durable light bulb. And the lamp is awesome with its natural salt chunk from the Himalayan Mountains. We can even find a salt lamp with different hue and color combinations to match our interior decor.

What kind of oil should I have? Can I use it with any kind of oil?

It works well to purify air just like the trees and waterfall do for our environment. Therefore, we need to maintain the natural function of the lamp. We should not use chemical based oils. It is highly recommended that we use 100% pure essential oils.

The natural oils will improve the efficacy of the salt. With the chemical based oils, the natural look and functions of the salt lamp will be damaged gradually. So, the answer is no, we cannot use any kind of oils. We need to use only natural oils.

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