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Rose Quartz Lamp: Benefits, Meaning and How to DIY

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Lovely and natural minerals such as rose quartz will be an elegant and feminine ornament for our love house. In some cases, we need to pick an interior decor that fits the color and tones of our interior. For those who love romantic rooms with pastel colors, the rose quartz lamp will surely be a perfect choice.

What is a Rose Quartz Lamp?

Popular as a stone of the heart, the rose quartz is a flawless choice for showing unconditional love. The fair and lovely color makes the lamp artistic for our pink rooms. It is easy then to carry a soft and feminine outfit with the rose quartz ornament.

The crystal is also beneficial for improving the comfort in our room. Rose quartz represents the beauty of pastel color with the pink essence. With feminine energy, we can obtain tenderness and nourishment in no time.

The Rose quartz has a silicon dioxide crystal. This crystal is found in various places in the world (India, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, Japan, and China). Besides, Rose Quartz is the state mineral of South Dakota in the United States.

The look of the crystal is translucent, providing an elegant look like home decor. The rose name is derived from the rosy pink color of the stone. We can find some ranges of colors for the same stone. The very pale pink with the cute look is available. We can also find the stones with deep reddish pink for a stronger beauty.

Titanium, iron, and manganese are the massive materials responsible for the color. What makes the quartz more beautiful is the microscopic fiber inclusions. The rutile and borosilicate fibers leave cat’s eye o star effects inside the crystals.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Lamp Mine-Cave-Origins

According to the legend, the rose quartz stone was created when the Greek God Adonis was attacked by the God of War, Ares, in the form of a boar. Goddess Aphrodite cut herself on a briar bush while rushing to save him. Their mingled blood collected on the white quartz stone and stained it a blushing pink.

So, rose quartz lamp is a lamp made of the rose crystal for delivering the feminine illumination. We can also get some metaphysic benefits by placing the lamp in the right location or direction.

Rose Quartz Lamp Health Benefits: What does a Rose Quartz Lamp do?

Because of the impressions and colors, the rose quartz lamp can provide amazing benefits. Here are the top 10 advantages that we can get from rose quartz lamp:

1. Love

The rose quartz is believed to be able to attract a mate. That makes the stone useful for improving confidence and self-awareness. It is a perfect stone which will give people encouragement for being visible. It can also help people to understand their emotion and true self. It is possible to use the stone for the healing powers. Those who need to find a good force for feeling opened to receive loves from others will find it helpful.

2. The Heart of Chakra

The rose quartz crystal is called the stone of the heart for some reasons. The rose quartz provides an intense effect on the heart. Besides, it will help people to be more open-minded. That way, people can fight against negative influences in no time. Because of the effect, we can actually place the lamp in the interior and exterior part of a house. The energy of the stone can heal the owners from within.

3. Health

The rose quartz stone is considered powerful in healing through physiology. The rose quartz lamp has been suggested to improve blood circulation. It will boost the connectivity of the neuron. That makes it a good room decorator that accelerates healing.

4. Healing the kidneys and adrenals

5. Treating lung problems

6. Relieving coughs and soothing bronchial areas

7. Treating vertigo

8. Help mothers heal after complicated births

9. Treating menstrual problems

10. Promotes bonding between a mother and a fetus during pregnancy.

Physiologically, the rose quartz stone is considered a powerful healing gemstone, to amplify their healing properties, you can create combinations with essential oils. However, the crystal stone is not something that can replace a doctor adviced.

Color Meaning of Rose Quartz: Feng Shui

Based on Feng Shui, the rose quartz lamp is recommended as a love cure. An adornment is a good option for those who want to obtain a healer for heartache and disappointment.

The energy created from natural minerals with pink color is good to provide universal energy of love. Besides, the pink crystal can attract love. In short, the rose quartz lamp can heal the heart.

Color Types of Rose Quartz Crystal - What does a rose quartz lamp do

Feng Shui suggests having the item so we can easily forget a painful memory of love. And it will be romantic to have that amazing ornament in our house. It is the lamp for lovers, marital life, and relationships. In many ancient cultures, rose quartz was considered as a symbol of ownership and also thought to prevent aging.

Feng Shui probably has some of the biggest collections of rose quartz lamps such as rose quartz lamp finials, antique rose quartz lamp, rose quartz floor lamp, rose quartz pyramid lamp, rose quartz point lamp and vintage rose quartz lamp.

Rose quartz wearable jewelry is quite popular, and you will find necklaces, bangles, bracelets, mandarin ducks, pendants, eggs, skulls, domes, wealth pots, hearts and earrings in a range of trendy styles.

How to clean Rose Quartz Lamp

The rose quartz stone needs to be recharged regularly. A bathing method and moonlight are ideal for recharging the beautiful gemstone. It is easier to cleanse the crystal by the bathing method. We can use running water from natural sources like a river or a stream. It is also possible to use the clean water of the waterfall or even the ocean water. If that is not possible, we can simply use rainwater. If we do not want to do the cleaning with the water from nature, we can still use our tap water as long as the water is clean and fresh.

Recharge and Cleanse Rose Quartz Crystal Lamp

After that, we have to use a bowl made of glass or crystal. It is not recommended to use bowl or metal vessels. Leave the rose quartz soaked in the water for a while. When we are done, we can rinse the crystal with a soft and clean towel.

Rose Quartz vs Salt lamp

Rose quartz lamp is definitely a good choice for its prettiness and effects. However, some people might still feel confused about whether to buy the rose quartz lamp or the salt lamp. Both are actually useful. And to start the selection, people have to know that the two lamps have some different features.

Rose quartz consists of titanium, iron, and manganese minerals. Meanwhile, the salt lamp is made of the ancient salt from the rock salt mountain in Himalaya. Both lamps are beneficial in terms that the lamps will provide therapeutic benefits.

For instance, rose quartz lamps are believed to provide good effects for relationship and love. The lamps are also good options for healing heartache. On the other hand, the salt lamp is a wonderful ornament that can purify the air by producing healthy negative ions.

How to make a Rose Quartz Lamp (DIY)

The original product of rose quartz lamp is offered from $ 80 USD through the online markets. However, we can actually make one with the DIY project. Of course, we will make fake products made of borax and other materials. The result will not actually provide therapeutic benefits. Yet, we can try it just to create pretty decorations.
Materials and Tools:

  • borax
  • white string
  • white pipe cleaners
  • water
  • food coloring
  • measuring cup
  • plastic container
  • pencil
  • medium pan.

How to Do it?

It will be as easy as taking the white pipe cleaners and weave them together. We can just make a random shape. Yet, we need to be sure that we are creating a round shape. That will be the skeleton for the faked crystal that we will make. In order to easily hang the structure, we need to take a piece of white string and tie the string to the skeleton. Within 1 liter of water, we can add 2 cups or more Borax. We have to add the borax little by little until the water no longer dissolves. We have to make sure that we make a well-condensed mixture.

After the water gets back to boil, we can add the food coloring. We can do as much as we want. If we want to make it transparent, w can use 10 drops of pink plus 2 drops of purple.

Step two is boiling the borax. We have to get prepared with the plastic container that can really handle the hot water. If we are done with it safely, we can place the pipe structure and place it into the liquid. We can dip it twice in order to remove the air bubbles. Let the structure sit there for 6 to 10 hours.

The size of the crystal depends on the amount of borax that we use. The pink rose food coloring will create the sweet and elegant look of the faked rose quartz crystal of our DIY project.

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