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Polish Salt Lamps: Benefits and Facts

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If we need a beautiful room decor that can improve the healthy atmosphere in the interior, we should go for a salt lamp. Besides the Himalayan Salt Lamp, we can opt for the Polish salt lamp. It is better for us to learn about Polish Salt Lamps: Benefits and Facts prior to buying. The facts and benefits will give us guidelines to purchase the right type of lamps.

What is the Polish Salt Lamp?

We have known the main functions and materials of the Himalayan Salt Lamp. Himalayan salt is the most popular one. What about the Polish salt lamp? Basically, the lamp has the same function compared to the Himalayan salt lamp. Some researchers have found evidence that the crystal lamps can improve the negative ions in a room.

The Polish salt crystal is also a popular commodity that is mined in an ecologically responsible method. The crafters are the Eastern European artisans. Therefore, the lamp is designed with exquisite look and craftsmanship. The lamp is famous for its durability. Even, the sellers claim that the lamps last a lifetime.

Where is the origin of the Polish salt lamp?

The famous Polish crystal salt is harvested from the Wieliczka and Klodawa Salt Mine, located in southern Poland near Krakow area. Like other salt mines, the Wieliczka mine is a tourist attraction with much history.

salt lamps made poland

The crystal is as beautiful as it is effective for various healing purposes. The salt therapy (Speleotherapy/Halotherapy) had been a popular idea of Dr. Feliks Nepomucen Boczkowski in 1834.

The salt therapy is one of the greatest solutions on a traditional basis. The Eastern Europeans still use the method for various kinds of health problems. Therefore, the Polish salt lamp is admired for its prettiness as well as its efficacy.

The Polish salt lamp is beautiful with its deep orange hue. The Himalayan salt lamp always looks dramatic with its pink and orange colors. The deep orange of Polish salt is more modern compared to the rustic appearance of the Himalayan salt lamp.

How is the Polish Salt Lamp Manufactured?

Well, we cannot say that the lamp is manufactured because each lamp is hand-carved to maintain the beauty and therapeutic benefits. Because of the manual craftsmanship inside each product, the lamp can still outshine the natural beauty and the excellent ancient energy source. Even, the original product has a natural wood base that will make the look keeps shiny in a natural way.

At a reliable supplier, people will get the excellent quality Polish salt lamp with a UL tested dimmer cord. It includes a 15-watt light bulb. It is even beautiful as a gift because the original product is offered with the gift box. It is also equipped with care instruction cards. With the highest quality Polish salt, the glow of the lamp will be a superb interior decor that provides wonderful health benefits.

The Benefits of Polish Salt Crystal Lamps

The benefits of the Polish salt lamp includes:

  1. Improve the healthy negative ions in a room.
  2. Enhance air quality and help mitigate EMF fields.
  3. Helping the patients of asthma and allergy.
  4. Providing warmth in a room.
  5. Increase a positive mood in the interior.
  6. Therapeutic Massage

Those are the Polish Salt Lamps: Benefits and Facts that we need to learn before shopping. That will help us to differentiate between Himalayan salt lamps and Polish salt lamps. Here is the summary of other differences and similarities between both lamps:

Similarities between Himalayan Salt and Polish Salt Lamps

It is vivid that the Himalayan salt and Polish salt lamp are made of the natural salt. Both lamps are claimed to provide health benefits and therapeutic efficacies as well. The salt is proven to be effective in producing negative ions that will purify the air. Besides, the two lamps can provide a pleasant lighting hue that is so relaxing.

Today, people use both lamps as a device for therapy, alternative medications, and also aromatherapy around a spa and a home spa.

Differences between Himalayan Salt and Polish Salt Lamps

There visual and shapes of the Himalayan salt and Polish salt lamps are not so different. However, the differences are in the colors. Polish lamps are usually darker in orange color. Meanwhile, the Himalayan salt lamp’s color is pale pink or pale orange.

himalayan vs polish salt lamps

Unlike another salt lamp, Polish salt lamps will not easily chip, color fade, nor erode as other lamps.

People will usually find the differences through the unique handcrafted appearance. This is so because the craftsmen are from different countries with different cultural richness. Besides, the sizes are usually quite similar. Polish Salt Lamps: Benefits and Facts will give us good reasons to opt for each of the lamps. Both types of salt lamps are beneficial to our house.

We need to only choose the one that fits our interior design. With quite similar benefits and healing efficacies, we can actually choose both. Besides the appearance and quality, the prices are almost similar. The rates will depend on the size of the salt lamps. We can now find original quality Polish salt lamp in the online stores.

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