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Persian Salt Lamp: The Majestic Lamp from Iran

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Besides the Himalayan salt lamp, Grey salt lamp and other types of lamps, people will love the way Persian Salt Lamp produces the pretty illumination and negative ions. Persia has been long known as a majestic place where high civilization was recorded in the history books. The beauty of Persia and the priceless craftsmanship of the country have been widely praised. Persian is now called Iranian. Despite the recent national conflicts and many other domestic problems, Iran keeps captivating as a beautiful country with superb natural richness.

In addition to the rugs and traditional fabric, Persian Salt Lamp receives massive attention from the world. The Persian true blue rock sea salt is a rare commodity in the world. It is one of the rarest salt with many beneficial efficacies. In addition, Persian salt is one of the oldest salts for various uses.

What is Persian Salt Lamp? Where do Persian Blue Salt Lamps come from?

The salt is mined in the Garmsar City, Semnan Province, Iran. Semnan province has long been known as one of the main sources of Iran’s salt. According to the IRNA, there are 27 salt mines in Garmsar with purity rate of over 98%. One of them is Kouhdasht-e Kohan Salt Mine. That makes the salt even more exotic. The color of Persian salt is purple, blue or greyish blue. That is the result of the light refraction on the crystal salt. That creates a signature of the Persian salt. The color is the effect of extreme pressure in the creation of the salt millions of years ago. The salt contains a large amount of potassium chloride.

The origin of the Persian salt is that clean and pure. Therefore, the world says that Persian salt is the cleanest in the world. The salt comes from the oceans that are dried up approximately 200 million years ago. Thus, the salt does not contain any contamination which will be a healthy Persian Salt Rock Lamp.

Persian blue purple salt lamp for sale

Basically, Persian salt is used for foods. The delicious flavor of Persian salt is excellent for fish, meats, and even vegetables. However, the salt chunk has been widely crafted as a salt lamp. The original product of Persian salt lamp will be shipped directly from Semnan Salt mines.

Though the salt lamp is highly praised for the prettiness, there are still some controversies on the lamp. One of the controversies is the origin of the salt chunk. Salt was discovered for the first time between two meteorites fallen positions. The ancient salt was unique with the purple and blue color. With some scientific tests, the salt was dated to 4.56 billion years ago.

That blue color triggers a controversy. Some people state some similarities between the blue Persian salt rock with the salt image taken by NASA. Some theory believes that billions of years ago, a large salt rock flew from the space and landed in Iran. That makes it possible that the Persian salt is formed with the terrestrial materials. However, it still requires further scientific tests.

Persian Salt Lamp Benefits

Of so many interior decors, Salt lamps are recommended for multiple benefits that they offer. We can get the same advantages in Persian salt crystal lamp. Here is the summary of Persian blue salt lamp benefits for our homes and health.

  1. The negative ion produced by the lamp can purify the air.
  2. It is easy to get relaxed with the lamp in the room.
  3. The warm and calming illumination can help people to reduce stresses.
  4. The component can neutralize electromagnetic radiation.
  5. The lamp is proven to be effective to cure fatigue.
  6. Persian salt lamp can help to treat asthma and bronchitis.
  7. Those who suffer from allergies can use the salt lamp to reduce the symptoms.
  8. It increases the energy level so people can live more energetic.
  9. It promotes better sleep.
  10. The lamp is also believed as a mood booster.

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Besides those benefits, we can use the lamps as part of therapy. Research checked whether the Persian salt lamp is beneficial to give a great atmosphere for reducing the symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, research came to some conclusions about the claim. The first conclusion says that there is no study that examines intensely the relations between salt lamps and ADHD patients. Besides, the ions produced by the salt lamps are never used in a clinical device. The salt lamps are beneficial in reducing the symptoms of depressions. Yet, the condition of ADHD is different from a common depression. The Chadd.org concludes that the Persian salt lamp might be beneficial and pleasant but not so helpful as a real ADHD cure and cannot be suggested as a complementary intervention.

What are the Differences Between a Persian Salt Lamp Versus a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Those two different lamps are originally from two different areas. The cultures of the original places are different as well. So, it is not that hard to find the different features of those two lamps.


It is one of the most noticeable features of the Himalayan salt lamp and Persian salt lamp. The Himalayan salt lamps have light pink, grey, pink to orange hue. Meanwhile, the Persian salt crystal lamp looks a little more dramatic with the purple, fuchsia, magenta to blue colors.

Persian salt lamp versus Himalayan salt lamp - Persian salt rock crystal lamp

The colors will be a guide for those who are searching for the perfect salt lamps for specific needs. For instance, Himalayan salt lamps are good picks for those who are searching for calmness, creativity, and energy flow. Whereas red-purple and blue lamps of Persian salt will be a great choice for health, confidence, mood, and wealthiness. The different colors on both salt lamps are caused by the minerals and natural conditions such as pressure with which the salt was produced in nature.


Geographically, Iran has abundant salt mines. Yet, the salt can be mined in only small areas in the limited amount as well. Himalayan salt is easier to mine because of the location. Therefore, the Persian salt lamp is rarer compared to the Himalayan lamps. This means that the Persian salt lamp is more expensive than a Himalayan salt lamp. However, the quality is equal.

Persian salt lamp mine and Iranian salt cave


When we talk about the minerals of salt, we will find that the majority of the mineral will be sodium chloride / NaCl. However, there are other advantageous minerals inside the salt. In Himalayan salt lamps, we can get the benefits of magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Similarly, in Persian salt lamp, we can find a high amount of Sylvinite, a potassium mineral.

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