Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors Sizes Shapes

Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors, Sizes, Shapes

There are several color options of Himalayan Salt Lamp available in the market; coral pink, light pink, red, and white. Every color has the potential to provide positive impacts for individuals. The color choice relates to the psychological conditions of the users; it will affect the users’ bodies, thought, emotion, and the balance of those […]

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benefits of himalayan salt lamp

16 Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Does the Himalayan Salt Lamp truly offer medical benefits? The answer is YES, there are many benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp. We do various outdoor activities every single day and we know that polluted air is hazardous. In fact, indoor pollution is even more dangerous. A house that we believe to be the safest place can […]

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What are Negative Ions Benefits

11 Medical Benefits of Negative Ions

Himalayan Salt Lamp is a lamp that offers a natural capability to produce Negative Ion or is popular as ANION. Himalayan Salt Lamp with its negative ion is able to clean the air quality. Here we look at the correlation between the Himalayan salt lamp and negative ions. What is a Negative Ion or Anion? […]

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