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Onyx Lamps Etymology, Healing Properties, and Facts

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Onyx stone is one of the most mysterious stones. The dark color of the stone gives it a more elegant look as jewelry. However, there are actually unimaginably other color variants of onyx in the earth. And it will be a nice interior ornament. We can buy Onyx lamp and find the luxurious impression of it our living room or bedroom. Of so many interior decors, the onyx lamp is so captivating for the black and shiny color. The ornament will go well for a modern and minimalist home. That is so because onyx has a dark color that matches the modern interior design well.

In addition, we can always mix the color with other interior ornaments. The common onyx crafted for lamps is usually brown or yellow. Now that we know that Onyx is a special gemstone, let’s learn the origin and meaning of onyx.

What is an Onyx Stone Lamp?

The Etymology of Onyx

The onyx lamp is a lamp made of onyx as part of the lamp component. The lamps are designed with various shapes. We can easily get the one that fits our interior design. The light bulbs are inserted inside the onyx lamps so the lamp will illuminate through the stones. That creates a dramatic look that will make a room warm as well as comfortable.

Similarly to many other things in nature, onyx gets the name from Greek mythology. The literature of Greek mythology always shares something fascinating and beautiful about the etymology of stones. One of the tales tells how onyx appeared to the earth.

Carved onyx crystal lamp

The story started with a sleeping Venus, the beautiful Greek Goddess. One day, when the Goddess slept, Cupid came and cut her fingernails. The nails of the Goddess could never be usual. The nails were scattered on the ground and inspired God to create beautiful stones. The fingernails were then designed into a pretty stone of onyx. In Greek, Onyx literally means claws or fingernails. However, some sources also mention that the onyx got the name from the Assyrian word.

Etymologically, the word Onyx means a ring in the Assyrian. Perhaps, the name was given due to the popularity of the material for ring producing in the past. The shiny stone was indeed a perfect material for various jewelry and precious kitchenware.

The Minerals of Onyx

Onyx belongs to the quartz family with the hardness of around 7. The chemical formula of onyx is SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide). The colors of onyx depend on the chalcedony bands that form the stones. The onyx stones consist of the Cryptocrystalline composition (quartz). The beauty of onyx appears flawless in its imperfect oxide mineral. In most agates, the pattern looks chaotic but in onyx, the bands are parallel, forming an extremely gorgeous natural swirling pattern. Therefore, the onyx lamp always looks stunning for our interior decor.

Onyx table lamps made mexico canada uk pakistan wholesale

The Origins of Onyx Stone

Despite the fact that the name of onyx is derived from Greek and Assyrian language, the stones are found in various countries in the world. The onyx is found in almost all continents. In Asia, the stones are found in Yemen, India, Pakistan, and China. Australia also has an abundant commodity of onyx. In South America such as Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil, onyx is also mined and produced in various jewelry and home decors. Therefore, there are many types of products of onyx from Latin America, Mexico, Germany, the Czech Republic, Asian countries, South Africa, and even from Madagascar. Even, we can find high-quality onyx lamp from the US, Canada, and the UK.

Types of Onyx Natural Stone

Natural onyx has several colors and types. Basically, the onyx lamps use onyx stones with bright colors. We will easily find honey onyx and white onyx crafted as onyx lamps. However, there are actually countless types of onyx based on colors and patterns. Moon white onyx is one of the most stunning types of onyx that looks amazing for furniture, interior decor, table lamp base, lamp shade, and even for flooring. Those who love exotic onyx will love Starlica onyx, Rojo Passion onyx, Fantasia Rosso onyx, and Rosso Inferno Onyx for the brown/golden and wonderful pattern. Many other types of onyx are the beautiful series of onyx with the red, pink, blue, black, grey, violet, green, and rainbow pattern.

Onyx Stone Benefits: Onyx Lamp Healing Properties

Onyx lamp looks beautiful and romantic for our bedroom. With this beautiful lamp, we can actually obtain excellent benefits. The onyx is proven to be effective to give strength and energy. Therefore, Onyx is a good stone for athletes and those who want to live an energetic life.

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The onyx crystal lamp promotes powerful stamina. It can reduce fatigue and bad mood. People will improve their confidence and vigor as they take a good rest with the onyx antique lamp on the bedside table. It is also a good idea to have a lamp in a home office because it stimulated self-control and wise decision-making. People will be able to live a happy life and earn a good fortune when they work hard. The onyx lamp will encourage people to open their heart and boost their energy to reach a happy life.

Onyx lamp is also believed to give some health benefits. The stone treats some problems of the bones. Besides, the stone is also helpful to reduce toothache and some illness in the feet.

In conclusion, there are fifteen main health claims made about Onyx lamps.

  1. Courage and self-confidence
  2. Improving concentration and devotion
  3. Healing old wounds and to let go of the past
  4. Encourage Happiness, stability in life and good fortune
  5. Helps entrepreneurs make a quick & good decision
  6. Attracting money and financial gains
  7. Protection from the paranormal
  8. Absorbs and transforms negative energy
  9. Improving Energy and stamina
  10. Control of emotion and excess energy
  11. Relieves tension
  12. Cellular regeneration
  13. Beautiful skin and hair
  14. Bone and feet health
  15. Treating eye and ear problems

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How to clean Onyx lamp

  • Wash the onyx with a cloth that is slightly damp, wet cloth in warm water and mild soap
  • Clean the edges of the Onyx lamp with a soft-bristled brush
  • Dry the onyx with a clean, soft cloth
  • Apply stone cleaner. Don’t use bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, or tub & tile cleaners
  • Rest the onyx for six hours before touching it
  • Wrap your onyx in cloth when storing it.

Onyx Stone Facts

  • Onyx is a great gemstone for those who are born in December
  • The name of Onyx is taken from the Greek mythology of Venus’ fingernails
  • In the past, Onyx was utilized as a charm to fight against black magic. People of ancient Roman and Greek era used onyx as a protective charm for protecting people from illness caused by witches
  • In ancient Egypt, the onyx was crafted into pottery and dining wares such as bowls and pots
  • Never soak your onyx (lamp & jewelry), as the water can soak into the porous surface of the stone and alter its appearance.
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