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Agate Lamp: Facts, Metaphysical & Decorative Functions

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What is an Agate Lamp?

Agate Lamp is made of the Agate quartz. The Agate is a translucent variety of quartz. The quartz is included in the microcrystalline due to the composition. Most of the time, the stone is regarded as a semiprecious stone with its color and pattern quality. The Agate is generally formed by the silica deposits from the groundwater. The stone is commonly found in the cavities of igneous rocks.

Natural Agate Lamp has a countless variant of colors because Agate appears with a wide array of colors. Some Agate looks calm with black, brown, white, gray, blue, green, and yellow. Meanwhile, some of the stones appear stunning with red and black color. The colors are the results of the impurities that happen in Agate. The different colors in the groundwater will compose different hue in the stone.

For thousands of years, Agate rock has been used as gemstones. The history recorded that many civilizations made use of the stones for light and fashion purposes. The stones are now crafted into various supplies such as cabochons, beads, and even functional decorations such as bookends. Even, the agate is widely produced as a terrific Agate Lamp. We can also easily find Agate in rings, pendants, lamp, bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

The Meaning of the Agate Lamp

The Agate name was derived from the place where the stone was first located. It was in the ancient Sicily. It was the philosopher Theophrastus who found the Agate stone. The precise location was on the shore of the “Achates” river, Italy. Civilizations regard Agate stone differently. It was used by Ancient people on the breastplates of their armor to give warriors strength.

Definition of Agate by Google Dictionary is an ornamental stone consisting of a hard variety of chalcedony (quartz), typically banded in appearance.

  • The ancient Islamic cultures once believed that the stone can remove tragedies and ward off the evil influence.
  • Babylonians were also the civilization that believes that evil energy dispel.
  • Egyptians made use the Agate to protect their place against lightning and other natural disasters.
  • Persians regarded the Agate stone to defend against the storms.
  • Ancient Chinese believed that Agate stone provided spiritual protection and good luck. They also used the stone for stimulating a clear mind.
  • Medieval Era regarded that Agate could provide a plentiful harvest.

The Colors of Agate Lamp

Agate Lamp can be varied in colors. However, the common colors are grey, white, brown, salmon, pink, orange, black, yellow, purple, and red. Sometimes, the shades of violet Agate and blue color with the tint of grey are also available. Besides, deep green and blue tones are possible; yet those colors are extremely rare. The different colors are caused by different minerals content. Iron oxides and hydroxides create the color of yellow, brown, and red. Meanwhile, the pure Agate stone will have white, blue-grey, or simply grey color.

What is an agate lamp

Of so many colors of Agate, the black Agate is the one that is most wanted and precious. The black Agate is believed to stimulate prosperity and victory. Athletes are those who are encouraged to wear Agate stones since they bring courage and victory. The black agate connects the physical with the spiritual power. That is why the stone can produce good quality energy for various purposes. The agate is also believed to bring spiritual awareness. People can be more calmed and perform a clear emotion for a better result.

Types of Agates

Agate Lamp is different in color. But Agate is usually differentiated based on the banding characters.

Wall-lining Banding Agate

1. Wall-lining Banding

The single bands run in a perpendicular position with the orientation and growth direction. The banding runs in the direction of the chalcedony fibers. The onion-like pattern develops because the chalcedony fibers grow from the walls to the interior of the stone cavity.

Horizontal Banding Agate

2. Horizontal Banding

The Agate with this banding type occurs in many Uruguay Agate. Therefore, this type of banding is also popular as the Uruguay type banding. The banding looks regular with the fine spaced layers. The layers consist of small chalcedony spherulites. However, sometimes the quartz crystals grow in the cavity as well.

Other types of Agates are:
• Onyx
• Sardonyx
• Crazy Lace Agate
• Blue Lace Agate
• Enhydro Agate
• Dendritic Agate
• Airis Agate
• Polyhedroid Agate
• Moss Agate
• Fire Agate
• The Lake Superior Agate
• Condor Agate
• Laguna Agate
• Brazilian Agate
• Sagenite Agate

The Benefits of Agate Lamps?

Agate light is famous for providing calmness and peace. However, Agate takes a long process to give benefits. Therefore, people have to keep wearing Agate or placing the Agate Rock Lamp around. Here are a few of Agate Lamp Benefits:

1. Attracts Fortunes

Naturally, Agate brings good things to the owners. In various situations, Agate is a great charm for giving people power in handling strange opportunities. The stone commonly works well to give people an important thing that they need.

2. Protects Money

Most people are good at earning money but not in keeping it. Therefore, those people will need to use the Agate Lamp. It protects wealth from greeds and overspending habits. People will be able to save their money and avoid wasteful habits with the help of the stones. It is a good idea to place the Agate as a bag charm because it makes the thieves turn away.

3. A Stone for Good Luck

The crystal produces positive energy that will eventually bring good luck and even miracles in life.

4. Agate Lamp for a Strong Concentration

People who find it hard to concentrate and focus on one purpose need to keep the lamp around their workplace. This stone will also be a great charm that encourages balance.

5. Agate Lamp for Healing Eyes

Agate crystals are good to use in treating some eye problems. When people spend too much time in front of computers and get some troubles with sight, they need to use the stone of Agate to get recovered.

6. Agate Stone Promotes Clear Skin

Besides the metaphysical functions, agate is also beneficial in treating eczema and other skin problems. People can only use the stone without the light bulb for this need.

Metaphysical Properties of Agate Lamp

Agate is one of the oldest gemstones that have been worn and utilized in various civilizations in history. The stone is well-known as the charm for protection. People can thus use the gemstone to protect from nightmares. People can even use the stone for relieving stress and fatigue. The metaphysical healing power of the Agate Lamp is strong when it is for eye problems and stomach illness.

Agate lamp Metaphysical Healing Properties

How to Cleanse and Charge Agate Lamp

We can use the heavy-duty cleaning in a solution. Add muriatic acid and water to the solution. It will only take several minutes to clean the surface of the crystal. We can use the iron oxide for bad rust stains. After that, we can rinse the Agate with fresh water. Right after that, we can scrub it with a soft fabric or tissue paper.

Where to place Agate Lamp for the Best Results? Agate Lamp in Feng Shui

Agate Lamp is useful for balancing the energy in a room. As a result, we will feel a very soothing atmosphere around the area. The blue agate is the perfect choice for the soothing effect. People can thus pick the turquoise, celestite, and aquamarine Agate for obtaining the best healer and peace provider in a room. The rates for all of the stones are quite affordable. Meanwhile, the green Agate will be a good pick for those who want to use the stone for mind and body refreshing.

Based on Feng Shui Positions, we need to place Agate Lamp in the right directions:

  1. Blue Lace Agate: East and Southeast for health and healing
  2. Fire Agate: Southwest bagua area for love and marriage

How to Test if Agate is Real or Imitation?

Buying fake gemstones will be a huge loss financially. Besides, people will never get the true benefits of the crystals as the products are made of different minerals and materials. Therefore, it is necessary that people buy the real Agate Lamp with original Agate. Here are some tips for selecting the best and real Agate gemstone:

1. Colors

One of the vivid characters of Agate is the bright color. The radiance and brightness are fabulous in the original gemstones. That is why we need to see whether the products have excellent brightness. Besides, the bands are obvious.

2. Texture

Agate gemstones are hard with a rough texture. Meanwhile, fake agates are soft. Therefore, we need to be sure that the gemstones are not easily scratched. The real gemstones are shiny and flawless.

3. Translucency

Fake agate is usually very transparent. Other ways to confirm the genuine agate are the visible water line and the chaotic pattern on the surface. So, the best thing to do is to eliminate Agate with a transparent appearance.

4. The Temperature

Genuine Agate will feel warm during the winter. Meanwhile, the stone will be cool during summer. Therefore, the Agate Lamp will be a perfect choice for all homes all over the world.

5. Weight

It is obvious that the original Agate is always heavier than the synthetic gemstones. So, we need to weigh the gemstone to identify the real one.

DIY Agate Lamp

For all of the details on this DIY agate lamp by, follow this step-by-step guide.

DIY Agate Lamp

What is the Difference between Agate, Onyx, and Jasper

Both Agate, Onyx, and Jasper are chalcedony family minerals. We can tell the difference with a simple observation. Put the light behind the stone. When we can see through the stone, it is pure Agate. However, if we can’t see through it, we are observing the Jasper. Onyx is part of Agate and thus, we will be able to see through the stone.

Difference between Agate vs Onyx vs Jasper

Agate Lamp is surely one of the most beneficial interior decors that we should have. The prettiness of the lamp will bring a peaceful atmosphere in our homes. Besides, the lamp can also bring good luck to our office rooms. We can check the metaphysic functions of the Agate Lamp to see its fabulous benefits. The history has recorded its wonderful uses in many civilizations as well. The Agate Lamp is simply a good interior decor choice.

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