Why is My Salt Lamp Turning White

Why is My Salt Lamp Turning White?

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When we are in a forum or in a frequently asked page of the salt lamp, there are many questions that we will find. Why is my Himalayan salt lamp turning white? That is one of the most asked questions.

So, why is my salt lamp turning white on the surface?

A salt lamp is hygroscopic/deliquescence that attracts and absorb water from the air. As the water evaporates, the ionic bonds will turn back into salt.

As a result, the white crust of calcium salt (white flaky powder) will accumulate on the surface and make the salt lamp turn white. It is classified as a physical change, as no new substances are formed. We do not have to worry about it since the lamp overall composition has not changed.

why is my salt lamp turning white on the surface

If we want to make the salt lamp appear nice with its original color, we need to only leave your salt lamp on and use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the white surface periodically.

The Himalayan salt lamp should not be used in any room and environment where there is excess humidity, such as a bathroom, sauna or unfinished basements.

High humidity environments can cause some white powdery salt trails on the surface of your salt lamp, due to the interaction of salt lamps with moisture and water in the atmosphere.

We also need to check some maintenance methods for keeping the lamp excellent. However, there are some natural conditions that occur to the lamp. The real salt lamp can absorb moisture so well. That is why the lamp is sweating. And some salt lamps will fade the colors.

Therefore, you must know and identify the difference between original and fake salt lamps on the market.

Buyers will need to know detail information about the real product of the salt lamp before buying. They might want to know whether the rate they pay equals to the quality that they will get.

Buying home decoration supplies is not an easy case. Some moms want to get beauty benefits before anything else. But smart moms want to get health benefits in the beauty that home decors deliver. Therefore, Himalayan salt lamps are preferred.

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The lamp is believed to give a good health benefit. It purifies the air inside the house. That makes it healthy to stay indoors.

The negative ions released by the salt lamp makes it possible for homeowners to inhale fresh and healthy air when they are home. However, it is sometimes hard to decide to buy such an amazing lamp due to the price. Besides, some people are afraid of buying fake products of a salt lamp.

Here are some of the signs which show that a salt lamp is fake:

1. The illumination is too bright

Himalayan salt crystals have ranged in color. We can find a salt lamp with medium pink to dark orange. In addition, the salt contains different minerals and materials. Therefore, the light looks muted and uneven.

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Due to the reasons, it is normal that the real salt lamp emits an only sheer glow. The illumination looks normally soft and warm. So, if the salt lamp is too dark while the size of the lamp is small, we can conclude that the salt lamp is fake.

2. We need to check the rate

We have to know that white crystal salt lamp has an expensive rate. Therefore, if we find some white crystal salt lamp that rate is not that different compared to the colored salt lamps, we need to recheck whether the salt lamp is real.

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3. The salt lamp is extremely durable

This is a clear sign that the salt lamp is fake. Unfortunately, the real salt lamp is rather fragile due to the natural component. That is why we need to be suspicious when our salt lamp is so durable.

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  1. This helped as I worried leaving it on too long would be bad-but you report the opposite
    I’m still concerned of the change from peach to almost white

    1. Hi Rebecca
      There is no need for you to worry. The composition of the lamp has not changed, only its physical appearance. If your salt lamp tends to turn white quickly, it could mean that you have your lamp in a room/environment that is too humid.

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