Why is my salt lamp turning black

Why is My Salt Lamp Turning Black?

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Why is my Himalayan salt lamp turning black?

If you are a salt lamp seller, one of the most common questions you will get is: “Why is my salt lamp turning black?” That might be because of the bad quality of the lamp. However, some owners find that problem in their original lamp. In order to avoid the problem, we need to be sure that we know how to take good care of the lamp. Burning lamp and color changing will lead to further damage. So, we have to be very careful. Why are there dark black spots on my salt lamp? Well, there are several factors that follow.

A salt lamp will be a treasure for the interior decor. This is so because the lamp is able to give various benefits to the interior. It improves the air and produces the negative ions needed for better health. Electronic devices radiation will be no problems as we have the precious salt lamp. Though there is limited scientific evidence that confirms its benefits, the salt lamp is proven to be effective in increasing the positive mood in a room. Therefore, we need to give it a try. Besides, the lamp will be a good investment.

Why does my himalayan salt lamp have dark spots

The price is not too expensive for the benefits it offers. In addition, it will be great to use it as part of an interior decor because of the exotic prettiness. However, the priceless Himalayan salt lamp can be worn out and damaged without proper maintenance.

Why is my salt lamp turning black? People ask that question to find the solution. To get the answers, we need to reveal the reasons and learn how to prevent the burning lamp.

Why are there black spots on my salt lamp?

Here is a list of 4 possible causes

1. Mineral Reaction

The original salt lamp is made of 80+ natural minerals. Therefore, there will be a mineral reaction in the long run. One of the minerals contained in the salt lamp is iron. The iron salt will gradually change the color into black as it is heated strongly and regularly. Even, the burning effect will produce the odor of sulfur.

2. Salt Lamp’s Absorbing Function

The salt lamp has a great function for absorbing negative energy. It produces negative ions that purify the air. Besides, it is a wonderful product for absorbing dirty features in the air. Dirty air and even smoke will be absorbed well by the lamp. Therefore, it is normal that the lamp turns black gradually.

Why did my salt lamp turn black

Some customers state in the online forum about that functions as well. They confirm that the salt lamp is able to absorb cigarette smoke. Besides, the salt lamp can also absorb humidity. That is why the color of the salt lamp can change into a darker tone. The pollutants will be collected inside the lamp creating the black appearance. So, the salt lamp turns black because of its dirty air and smoke collector function.

3. The Candle Smoke

The latest product of salt lamp is equipped with candle holders. That can improve the functions of the salt lamps. The candles will burn as we turn on the salt lamp. We can even add essential oil in the holder so we can inhale aromatherapy while enjoying the purified air. If so, the salt lamp will possibly get burnt because of the candle’s smoke. The black smoke might be accumulated on the salt chunk so it turns black. In order to remove the black color, we can wipe the salt chunk slowly with a soft napkin or tissue.

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4. The Dark Black Spots

So why is my salt lamp getting dark spots? The condition often occurs to the pink salt due to the dark spots. The dark black spots on the entire body of the salt chunk cause the darkening color in the long run. So, that is a natural condition.

We do not have to throw the salt lamp away once we find the color turns black. We need to only clean it carefully to get its new appearance. In order to remove the black blotches, we can scrape the blotches with a sharp knife takes them off just fine. We need to also be sure that we are buying the original product so we do not have to worry about some changes to the salt lamp.

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