how to use Himalayan salt lamp

How to use Himalayan Salt Lamp in Bedroom

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A lot of people ask how to use Himalayan Salt Lamp? How is the best way to use a Himalayan salt lamp? The procedure is easy and simple. What you need to know about the Himalayan Salt Lamp is the 4 features: salt crystal, base, bulbs, and wire/cord.

Here is the manual guide to using Himalayan Salt lamp:

1. Place Himalayan Salt Lamp in the desired room (bedroom, bathroom, dining room, living room). Make sure that the base position is correct.

How to use Himalayan salt lamps

2. Plug the wire into the electric socket (Our recommendations: use salt lamp cord with dimmer switch).

how to use Himalayan Salt Lamp cord

3. Leave the bulb turned on for 30 minutes so the crystal salt is getting hotter and spread the negative ion to the entire rooms.

Salt is humid and will produce a kind of fume when heated. The fume contains negative ion which will be distributed to the entire room.

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how to use Himalayan Salt Lamp

4. Besides, you can also hold the Himalayan Salt Lamp in your palm for approximately 5 minutes/ day (as a therapy), so the negative ion will be absorbed by your skin pores right away.

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5. Don’t turn off Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Let it on for 24 hours in order to make the negative ion production optimal.

Can you leave a Himalayan salt lamp on all night? The answer is definitely YES. Himalayan salt lamp only needs a 7 watt-15 watt light bulb (low-wattage bulbs in them), so the power needed for that and the electricity bill to keep them on is absolutely minimal, even if you had them on all the time.

According to the, “If you are going away and you don’t want to keep it on, or when not in use for long periods. The best thing you can do in this case is to turn them off and wrap it in glad wrap. Make sure the whole salt lamp is covered and no areas are left uncovered.”

6. Himalayan Salt Lamp is a perfect choice for an area with low temperature and is proven to be durable if used with the right maintenance.

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For producing negative ions optimally, it is recommended that the bulb size is:

*Small salt Lamp with a weight of 2-5 kg should utilize 5-15 watt light bulb.
*Large Salt Lamp with a weight more than 5-7 kg should use 15-40 watt light bulb.


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