How to Make Himalayan Salt Lamp at Home (DIY)

How to Make a Himalayan Salt Lamp at Home (DIY)

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It will be rewarding to have DIY projects for our home decor. We can create seasonal projects that can give a cheerful impact at home. Besides, we can also decorate our homes with useful DIY products. It is good to add an ornament that will look pretty for our house. It will be a lot better if we can make it useful. If it is a healthier atmosphere at home, we should use something like Himalayan Salt Lamp.

The lamp looks gorgeous and healthy at the same time. We can buy the lamp through the online store. Yet, it will be more personalized if we can create a DIY project with the Himalayan Salt. The lamp will look cute as we create the lamp with a pyramid or other shapes. Let’s learn how to make a Himalayan salt lamp at home.

DIY Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Get prepared with hard, transparent plastic, scissors, board marker, triangle templates, and glue
  • Use salt with a small grain
  • Use a long lighting string with small lamps.

It is super easy to make the Pyramid Himalayan salt lamp. Here are the steps:

  1. First of all, we need to cut the hard, transparent plastic with the triangle templates that we have prepared. We need to make the triangle precisely so we can make a perfect pyramid. make lava salt lamp
  2. We will need to use four pieces of triangles. We only have to glue the four pieces of the triangle to shape a pyramid. make rock salt lamp
  3. Glue each side carefully so the pyramid can stand nicely and beautifully. make salt crystal lamp
  4. After that, we can glue the salt on three sides of the lamps. We should be sure that we let one side of the pyramid empty. make salt lamp philippines
  5. Next, we need to cut a small square hole on the empty side. That functions for inserting the lighting string. Voila, the Pyramid salt lamp is done. That is pretty easy, isn’t it? homemade salt lamp

Just take a look at this short video tutorial & learn how to create your own Pyramid Salt Lamp in minutes.

DIY Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp and Himalayan Basket Salt Lamp

We will get countless benefits by placing Himalayan Salt Lamps in our rooms. We can also create a better workplace by decorating our office or home office with the lamp. The lamps can provide many benefits. Here are some of the problems that will be cured gradually with Himalayan Salt Lamps:

  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Digestion troubles
  • Bad circulation
  • Depression
  • Weak Immune System

DIY Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp

We do not need to use complicated tools for creating the Salt Basket Lamp. Tools You’ll Need:

  • We only need to prepare a large bowl, wire basket, a vase, and some other containers that we might want to create.
  • Lamp cord kit, or Christmas light string
  • A drill
  • A light globe (bulb), we can choose between 7 and 15 watts.
  • Himalayan salt chunks. We can pick the size based on the casing that we will use.

How to Create it:

  1. Before doing the DIY project, we have to be sure that we find a suitable bowl or casing. It is important to use a case that is waterproof. We have to choose the one that will naturally attract moisture as well.
  2. We also need to use a case that has a hole for inserting the lamp cord. If it does not have the hole, we need to drill it. However, we have to make sure that the hole will not make our salt chunk fall out.
  3. Make it neat by making the cord insert the case through the hole. We have to make it so that the bulb will keep inside the bowl. The electrical plug should be outside.
  4. After that, we have to screw the light globe into the housing.
  5. When the bowl is ready, we can plug the electrical socket into the wall and turn it on. We need to test it before placing the salt chunks inside.
  6. Only after that can we pour the salt chunk carefully into the case.
  7. Turn the Himalayan salt basket lamp on. We can instantly get health benefits from the lamp.

Just take a look at this short video tutorial & learn how to create your own Salt Basket Lamp in minutes.

Safety Precautions When Making Himalayan Salt Lamp

Now, we know how to make a Himalayan salt lamp at home. Yet, we need to be sure that we follow the safety precautions. There are some kinds of Himalayan salt to use for decoration.

What we need to select is the right size and type of salt. We have to make sure that we buy only original products of Himalayan salt chunk for our house. Besides, we have to pick the right size for each room. We need to place a big Himalayan salt chunk for a big room.

Learn more about Himalayan Salt Lamp Room Size Guide

DIY Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp and Himalayan Basket Salt Lamp

We can buy light bulbs for our salt lamp through the online specialist. We can also buy the bulbs at the hardware store. It is okay to purchase C-7s lights in 15 watts or 25 watts.

In order to make the lamp more useful and comfortable. We need to also equip the lamp with dimmer and switcher. It is important to make it controllable so we can reduce the illumination when we are about to sleep.

We need to also use a high-quality cord that can make the lamp on for better advantages. The case of the Himalayan salt lamp should be a container that is waterproof. Besides, it should naturally attract moisture such as polymers.

How to make your own Himalayan salt lamp at home? The easy steps will give you tons of benefits as long as you pick high-quality Himalayan Salt chunk.

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