How to set up and change salt lamp bulb

How to Change Salt Lamp Bulb?

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How to change the salt lamp bulb? This is a good question to ask before replacing the light bulb. We all know that maintenance is part of durability. We need to ask the professionals or at least people who are experienced with the Himalayan salt lamp.

It is true that when we buy the salt lamp, we need to buy the same light bulb. However, the more important thing is the way we install the new light bulbs.

If we do it incorrectly, we might damage the precious salt lamp. Therefore, we need to be very careful.

We can actually watch the right procedure for replacing a light bulb through youtube. Besides, we can find some tips on an online forum. Before buying the light bulbs at the online site, we need to read the forum so we can get the right tips for changing it.

Here are some tips for changing the salt lamp bulbs to maintain functional usage:

  • First of all, clean the lamp after unplugging the lamp from the electrical outlet. If we do not unplug the electrical outlet, we will be electrocuted.
  • Before taking off the parts, we also have to unplug the lamp from the outlet.
  • Safe usage is crucial. Therefore, we must not insert any other element inside the salt lamp.
  • Disconnecting the lamp should be completed under some procedures. First of all, turn the control off. After that, we can remove the plug from the outlet.

How can we change the bulb safely?

Lay down the salt lamp and gently press down and then push back the clip. After that, slowly pull the bulb assembly out.

If that is done, we can simply squeeze the spring loaded clamp. We are ready to remove the bulb assembly. Next, we can fix the bulb into the assembly.

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We need to insert the bulb assembly into the salt lamp as gently as possible. If that is completed, we can directly place the bulb assembly into the position.

In order to replace the bulb correctly, we need to use a screwdriver. Pull the clip forward and use the screwdriver to fit into the screw. Now place the Himalayan salt lamp in the natural position.

Just take a look at this short video tutorial and learn how to change (set up) salt lamp bulb.

Why are my salt lamp bulbs blowing/popping?

If your salt lamp bulbs blowing or popping, we need to consider these things:

  1. We might have used our lamp for too long. The lifespan is probably more than 1000 hours (42 days) already.
  2. We need to check if the lamp globe is screwed firm enough.
  3. We need to avoid touching the light bulb if our hands are covered with oils. It can cause the bulbs to blow.
  4. We have to wait for the lamp to cool down before removing it from the place. If not, the light bulb might be popping.
  5. If there is an excessive micro vibration nearby, it might cause our lamp to pop up a well.
  6. The wet lamp can also cause light bulbs to blow.

Tips to Prevent Light Bulbs from Blowing Out

We have to be cautious with any possible situations with our salt lamps.

  • We have to check whether the voltage is between the hot and neutral around 110-120 vac (voltage alternating current). We need to also check if the voltage between the leg and the ground.
  • Besides, we have to check the breaker and fuse box to see if the fuse is installed perfectly on the circuit.
  • After checking the internal features, we need to also see if something else is connected to that circuit.

So, how to change the salt lamp bulb? It will not be hard if we follow the above instructions.

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