Himalayan Salt Lamp Hoax

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits: REAL or Scam?

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Living a modern life makes it easy for us to communicate. We do not have to be anxiously waiting for a love letter through snail letter because we can directly express our thought through smartphones and social media. Our activities are no longer limited by time and darkness thanks to the non-stop electricity supplies.

In addition, we will love how television and the internet provide unending happiness through shows and various entertainment sources. It is so much comfortable to spend our time just home since we have various kinds of electronic devices with us at home. However, we need to think about the side effects on our health.

Salt Lamp Hoax

Research has shown that electronic devices leave bad impacts on our health. That is why we need to use a wonderful beauty and decoration gadget that can purify the side effects and bring a health benefit to our interior.

It is a Himalayan Salt Lamp, a beautiful interior décor that provides amazing benefits for air purifying impacts. The product is also beautiful as a night lamp and gives a positive effect on mental and physical health. Yet, we might want to know deeper and further whether the salt crystal lamps claims are true or only a scam.

Salt Lamp Hoax

Is Himalayan Salt Lamp Hoax?

Himalayan salt lamps are mined from Pakistan and India through the vicinity of the Himalayas. The colors are normally orange or pink. However, the colors range from white or off-white to brown.

The salt chunk is crafted into a lamp and will be lit using light bulbs. Some products utilize candles for creating a natural flame that matches the functions of natural Himalayan salt.

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The soft and sheer illumination of the candle creates an attractive appearance. Besides, it has a soothing light which brings relaxation. Therefore, it is good to place this lamp in the bedroom. Besides, it is also great to use this lamp in a room that offers therapy. In addition, it plays an essential role in the electro smog purification.

Salt Crystal Lamp Hoax and Scam

The negative ions productions are enough to give positive energy to the entire room. It delivers negative ions that bring fresh oxygen to the brain. It reduces indoor pollution which can affect health negatively. In the long usage, salt lamp illumination can boost the immune system. Even, the seasonable affective disorder of SAD can be cured with the Himalayan Salt Lamp therapy.

Science Behind Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamp creates a soothing atmosphere that relieves anxiety and stress at the same time

Though there is no scientific evidence that supports the claims of Himalayan Salt Lamp health benefits. People still love to use the lamp because of the customer’s reviews. Besides, the negative ions function as air purifier has been popular scientifically.

Natural wonders such as waterfall and ocean wave are proven to give good health effects because of the negative ions release. Meanwhile, the usage of electronic devices is proven to be so much hazardous for health due to the positive impact production. Therefore, the natural lamp made of an ancient salt chunk is believed to give similar impact to that of waterfall and ocean wave.

Here is a small sample of some of the other relevant studies about Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits research (salt cave therapy):

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Salt Lamp Scam

Are Salt Lamp Benefits Real?

Indeed, not all of us will believe the reviews and stories right away. We will need to deal with a little research in order to get trusted evidence. However, as we surf the internet to get information related to negative ions, the results will be sometimes disappointing.

We will get some scams that cover some gadgets such as footbaths and many others. But Himalayan Salt Lamps are not a scam at all. Yet, we need to purchase the product at the right site in order to get the positive impacts. Original products will create negative ions for real and purify the air around the interior for better health.

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