Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors Sizes Shapes

Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors, Sizes, Shapes

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There are several color options of Himalayan Salt Lamp available in the market; coral pink, light pink, red, and white. Every color has the potential to provide positive impacts for individuals. The color choice relates to the psychological conditions of the users; it will affect the users’ bodies, thought, emotion, and the balance of those three elements inside human bodies.

Here are the explanations about the correlation of colors with the human psychology that you can use as some considerations prior to buying the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp:

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The Color Pink Coral/Orange Himalayan Salt Lamps (Himalayan Orange Salt Lamps)

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow. By that combination, orange may influence human both physically and mentally. Orange is the color that can improve appetite and provide comfort, so it will be perfect to place in the dining room or living room.

Besides, this color brings warmth and happiness. For medical therapy, this orange color is utilized for curing kidney irregularities, lungs diseases, and bronchitis.

Himalayan salt lamp colors, sizes, shapes

The Color Light Pink/Purple of Himalayan Salt Lamps (Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp)

The pink color is a mixture of red and white. This color resembles the feminine nature that leaves a casual impression. However, this color often makes people feel weak and unenergetic. The negative impact of this pink color is often used in a sport.

In a competition, the pink color is often applied in the opponent’s room in order to weaken the strength of the opponent’s team.

Himalayan Light Pink Salt Lamps

The Color Red of Himalayan Salt Lamps (Himalayan Red Salt Lamps)

Red is a quite dominating color. The application of red in an object often makes the object look nearer. This makes us detect red color faster. Red provides a strong influence on the male’s mood because red creates emotional reactions. In addition, red also influences human physically; improves blood pressure, pulse, and breath.

This color is also utilized as medical therapy such as anemia treatments, low blood pressure, and skin diseases. Even though it provides a warm atmosphere in a room, this color tends to improve aggressiveness of individuals.

Himalayan Red Salt Lamps

The Color White of Himalayan Salt Lamps (Himalayan White Salt Lamps)

White means pureness and saintliness. This color is explored in hospitals because of hygiene and cleanness impressions. Visually, the usage of this color in a room will give an effect of the higher room. The excessive use of white tends to give a stiff impression.

Himalayan White Salt Lamps

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How many sizes of Himalayan Salt Lamp available in the market?

  • 5-7 lbs. (2-3 kg) small Himalayan salt lamp
  • 9-11 lbs. (4-5 kg) salt lamp
  • 12-15 lbs. (6-7 kg) salt lamp
  • 40-50 lbs. (18-22 kg) large Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp sizes

Shapes and Designs of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Nowadays, there are various shapes of Himalayan Salt Lamp that will suit your taste:

    1. Natural shape Himalayan rock salt lamps

      natural shaped Himalayan salt lamps

    2. Elephant shaped Himalayan salt lamps

      Elephant shape himalayan salt lamps

    3. Swan shaped Himalayan salt lamps

      swan shaped Himalayan salt lamps

    4. Sea Shell shape Himalayan salt lamps

      sea shell shaped Himalayan salt lamps

    5. Christmas Tree shape Himalayan salt lamps

      Cristmas Tree shaped Himalayan salt lamps

    6. Himalayan salt lamp Pyramid

      pyramid shape Himalayan salt lamps

      Pyramid salt lamp meaning: pyramid is a symbol for the integration of self-and soul. The point of the pyramid symbolizes the harmonious union of the human with God. The three sides of the equilateral triangle refer to the tri-natured aspect of God: God the creator, God the preserver and God the transformer.

    7. Cross model Himalayan salt lamps

      cross shaped Himalayan salt lamps

    8. Himalayan salt basket lamps

      Himalayan salt basket lamps

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