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How to Clean Salt Lamp (Himalayan salt lamp care)

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Himalayan Salt Lamp can be a wonderful accessory for the interior design. This lamp produces a negative ion that improves health. In addition, this lamp creates special illumination for a different atmosphere compared to ordinary lighting.

Proper maintenance is required due to the unique material and design of the Himalayan Salt Lamp. To preserve the quality of Himalayan Salt Lamp illumination, good maintenance is essential so the outer layer of the lamp will not be covered by any materials.

How to clean a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Before cleaning and maintaining the product, we have to be sure that the electrical connection (lamp cord) is out; this is important to prevent electrocution.

  • Turn the lamp off an hour before maintenance so the crystal material will not be hot when we touch it. maintain Himalayan salt lamp
  • Clean the Himalayan Salt Lamp with a soft fabric or tissue to keep the negative ion spread optimal and to absorb the bags of dust (bacteria and virus) to the surface.

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Here are several tips (Himalayan Salt Lamp Care) to keep Salt Lamp durable:

1. Are salt lamps safe to leave on? The answer is YES.

Himalayan Salt Lamp should be always turned on so it produces negative ion optimally (air ionizer).

how to use Himalayan Salt Lamp cord

2. When the light bulb is broken, replace it directly.

How to clean himalayan salt lamp

3. The light bulb should be suitable for the weight of the lamp.

5 watts, 10 watts, or 15 watts for a lamp with a weight of 5 kg and less. Meanwhile, the light bulb of 15 watts, 25 watts, and 40 watts are for a lamp with a weight of 6 kg and more.

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4. If the lamp is not occupied for a long period of time, wrap the lamp with a plastic bag so it is not contaminated with dust and humidity (keep the salt lamp from melting, leaking and shedding salt water).

how to clean salt lamp (keep the salt lamp from melting and leaking water)

5. Wipe the Himalayan Salt Lamp on the surface and base regularly to keep the beauty and hygiene so it will function optimally because salt lamps are hygroscopic.


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  1. can I clean the salt lamp with a dry soft brush?
    What type of cloth (dry or damp) can I use to clean the salt lamp

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