Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps

A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps with Optimal Benefits

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What is a general guide to place Himalayan Salt Lamps with optimal benefits? Generally, lighting and lamp placement (room size guide) is the last factor that is considered important in interior design. However, lighting mistakes can create inconveniences.

Therefore, lighting including Himalayan Salt Lamp needs to be placed well prior to designing an interior to create a homey and comfortable atmosphere.

Learn more about How to use Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Here are some placement ideas for Himalayan Salt Lamp:

  1. In the bedroom. Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is perfect for a night lamp that creates a soothing mood. The benefits: Increases sleeping quality, treats insomnia and repels mosquitoes. A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps-Bedroom
  2. In the family room. The benefits: promote family health, improves moods, neutralizes toxins, and terminates virus/bacteria. A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in family room
  3. In a study room/ office. The benefits: improve concentration helps clean air circulation and reduces stress. Besides, it can also neutralize radiation and positive ions. A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in study room office
  4. In the living room. The benefits: invites the guests, removes cigarette smoke, improves moods, and beautifies the interior. A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in living room
  5. In the classroom. The benefits: improves brain performance and student’s concentration. A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in meeting room office
  6. In the kitchen. The benefits: neutralizes static electricity (ion neutralizer) of kitchen utensils such as microwave, oven, and refrigerator, etc. A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in kitchen
  7. In the spa and massage rooms. The benefits: promotes faster healing, helps absorbing negative energy from human bodies during the massage. A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in the spa room
  8. In a hotel room. The benefits: creates a comfortable and soothing atmosphere. A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps in hotel

Here are some home lighting tips using Himalayan Salt Lamp :

1. Create several spots of the lamp; we can do it on the wall or create cove lighting

Cove lighting is indirect lighting where the Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is placed in the drop ceiling. This lighting is widely explored for a bedroom because of the soft illumination which is good for eyesight. For direct lighting, we can utilize down-light on one side or on the corner. In addition, We can also add a bedside lamp on bedside tables.

A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps for Optimal Benefits

2. Wire arrangement and placement in a certain room should be well-managed

It is recommended that the wires are hidden to avoid risks and also to maintain its aesthetic.

Can you leave a Himalayan salt lamp on all the time? ABSOLUTELY. Himalayan salt lamp only needs a low-wattage bulb in them, so the power needed for that and the electricity bill to keep them on is absolutely minimal, even if you had them on all night.

3. From the point of view of Feng Shui, it is essential to place Himalayan Salt Lamp in the bedroom and home under these conditions :

The Himalayan salt lamp is definitely beneficial for improving the negative ions and increase positive energy in a room. However, the comfort of a house is not only determined by the air purifier but also the Feng Shui.

The term “Feng Shui” translates from the Chinese language literally into “wind water”. We all know that Feng Shui is an art of creating harmony and balance by furniture placement, rooms designs, and even ventilation shapes. But what if we can get both an air purifier and good Feng Shui at the same time.

salt lamp bad feng shui

First of all, we need to find out the right direction of furniture placement in our interior. The positive energy flows through the rooms will determine the wonderful comfort that we can obtain. With the right objects arrangement, we will be able to create a room with positive energy. Besides, we have to mind the geographic location. The way the air flows in the interior also determines the Feng Shui of a room.

The Feng Shui based on the Salt Lamps’ Colors

Before learning about the placement, we need to be sure that we pick the Himalayan salt lamp with the colors of our needs. This is so because each color has a different meaning implies.

For instance, orange represents security which is good to activate kidneys and bladder. Meanwhile, yellow promotes intellectuality which will be good for pancreas and liver health. The red salt lamp is a good choice for heart and circulation.

If we need to support our affectionate love life, the pink Himalayan salt lamp is a good choice. Yet, we need to choose a white salt lamp if we want to experience the best detoxification. The brown salt lamp is the best bet for sensing a balance in the interior. And the best choice that contains the highest chakra and spirituality is the purple salt lamp.

Some people do not really concern with the Feng Shui. Some even give no care about the bad Feng Shui that their interior might have. Some users of Salt Lamp also share a testimony that explains that the lamp can possibly harmful to a house. This is so because the salt lamp basically absorbing all energy, both negative (Sha Chi) and positive energy (Sheng Chi). However, the testimonies are not always true. Thus, it is better for us to learn Feng Shui tips for improving our home comfort.

Feng Shui Salt Lamp Placement Tips 2019 – 2020 :

  1. Place Pink or Purple Salt lamp in our bedroom because it will promote better sleep and also increase the serenity which will be positive for the marriage relationship.
  2. Place Himalayan salt lamp of any colors in a corner that needs aesthetical touch. Feng Shui says that a dark area will decrease its energy as we place beautiful ornaments such as flower vase or the decorative lamp.
  3. Never place the lamp back to the door.
  4. The lamp position must not right above our bed.
  5. The lamp position must not right above our Head.

salt lamp feng shui placement

Final Thoughts :

” On a basic feng shui level, it adds nature and earth to space, along with glowing fire. On a more radiant level, it may help detoxify your environment.” –

” We are talking about the essential lifeforce of everything. Through proper placement of feng shui enhancers, a beautiful salt crystal lamp, for instance, a person can create a balanced and harmonious level of sheng chi within their surroundings, even around their surroundings, and find themselves with a happier, healthier, wealthier life full of positive energy and motivational force.” –

” Once I experienced their healing glow in the bedroom there was no turning back; no other lighting comes even close to its energy. The salt lamp also purifies the air while it fills your bedroom with a healing sensual glow.” –

” If everything in your life is going harmoniously and you’re using a salt lamp, then no need to change anything. If life isn’t going as well as you want, try getting rid of that salt lamp and see if things turn around.” –

” Salt is a great cleansing agent especially if you are moving into a new home or when used in space clearing rituals. It’s particularly good when you need to remove stagnant energy from a piece of old furniture or next to your bedside.” –

Based on the experiences of the users, Himalayan salt lamps and other types of salt lamps can provide positive benefits. With the right Feng Shui placements, people can get more advantages. We can place the lamp as a mere room decorator or air purifier. Additionally, we can always get health benefits from the salt lamps.

So if you are a serious Feng Shui believer, be sure to consult an expert before placing the lamps.

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