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Grey Salt Lamp: Benefits and Advantages

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Himalayan salt lamps are designed with the exotic look and natural color. We can hardly find an original product of salt lamps with extremely bright colors due to the natural mineral and elements. The salt lamps commonly have pastel colors such as white, pale pink and peach. However, there are some lamps appear with deep orange or grey color.

People need to get informed about the salt lamp colors before finding the best one for their interior. This is so because it will be beautiful to pick the one that matches the interior look. Besides, it is important that people choose the salt lamp colors that can provide the efficacy that they want to obtain. One of the greatest products is the grey salt rock lamp.

Where do Grey Salt Lamps come from?

Majority of the grey salt lamp comes from Jatta, Bahadur Khel, and Karak mine. The salt deposits are located in the extension of salt ranges in the Trans-Indus. The rock salt in the Bahadur Khel area is more than sufficient to create high-quality grey salt lamps with health benefits. The thickness reaches 350 ft in Bahadur Khel. In Jatta and Karak, the salt rock is over 100 ft.

It is true that salt is also found in brine and salt lakes. However, the amount is far less than rock salt. In the area, high-quality natural salt is made. Miners harvest the salt from Tharparkar area of Sind. That is the place where the 6-foot layer of salt is available in a massive area of mining. Besides, there are other locations such as Mauripur, at which the evaporated sea-water turned out to be a mine of salt. We can find the location around Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Precisely, the mine is located along Makran and Lasbela coasts.

Grey salt lamp mine - Grey salt light real

Therefore, we can say that the rare grey salt lamps are mostly from the mines around Pakistan. It is thus important to check whether the grey salt lamps are produced in Pakistan just to see if the lamp is real.

What minerals cause the grey color of the grey salt lamp?

Are grey salt lamps real? YES. Magnesium, iron, and sulfur are responsible for giving the grey color of the grey salt lamp. We can always find health benefits from salt. The grey salt lamp can provide an oxygenated environment with comfortable lighting. The grey glow provides calming impacts to give a more peaceful atmosphere in the interior.

Grey in the Eye of Feng Shui

Colors bring different mood and energy to a room. Therefore, we need to learn more about Feng Shui in order to choose the right color for our interior. In grey, we can find a bad mood look/boring with a dull grey color selection. Meanwhile, we can upscale our interior with the noble grey which means peacefulness and serenity.

Grey color has the element of metal. Therefore, based on Feng Shui Bagua areas, we need to place the ornament with grey color to the west, northwest, and north.

The west area is for the positiveness of creativity and children. Meanwhile, the northwest is the direction for inviting helpful people and blessings. The north part is for the career and path in life. It is strongly recommended for us to avoid placing the grey ornament such as a grey salt lamp at the east and southeast areas. This is so because the spots are for wooden elements. We all know that metal element can destroy the wood element. Therefore, it is better for us to choose the recommended sides for the salt lamp with a grey hue.

The impressions of grey colors:

1. Warm

We can add natural colors of green or pink to get a cool and fresh impression. But if we want to get a warm feeling, we need to pick the grey color. Silvery grey, for the exact, is the best pick for the beautiful, clear, sleek, and calming energy into the living room. We can also place the grey salt lamp in the main entry. It is also recommended to place the grey salt lamp at the home office.

2. Sharp and Clear

The bedroom should have more yin than yang energy to induce rest. We should avoid using color grey in big proportions in any of your bedrooms. Grey color is considered moody and bad for our periods of sleep. In addition, grey is good as an accent color. It is not a good idea to bring grey color as the dominant color scheme in our interior. Grey color has sharp, clear and clean energy. It brings the metal elements with a strong and powerful impression as well.

Rare grey himalayan salt rock lamp

Grey Salt Lamp Benefits

Grey salt lamp provides excellent aesthetic and therapeutic effects. Here are the details:

1. Aesthetic Impacts

The grey salt lamp is designed by the hands of skillful craftsmen at the foothills of Himalayan. That makes the lamps precious since they are made by priceless materials of natural minerals. The beautiful look and artistic appearance of the salt lamp will not only enrich the room with the prettiness of nature but also with the energy improvements. The color hues and the atmosphere created by the rare grey salt lamp is more than sufficient to give a room wonderful mood.

2. The Therapeutic Benefits

People need to invest well in the original product for invaluable therapeutic benefits. Here are the top 8 therapeutic benefits of the grey salt lamp:

  • The grey salt lamp can oxygenate the room
  • It helps homeowners to have focus in mind
  • Some of the users claim to have body immune system improvement with the help of the lighting fixture
  • Homeowners will feel recharged and ready to be more energetic
  • It is helpful for calming and re-setting your emotions
  • Mood booster & sleep promoter
  • The lamp is also a good item for improving the mood in a room
  • People with repeated stresses will be able to get calmer with the grey salt lamp effects.

As the air purifier, the grey Himalayan salt lamp has already become a beneficial element of the interior with therapeutic features. Besides, the lamp can improve oxygen quality as well as negative ions inside a room. That will be helpful to give people better health. Also, it will reduce the stresses a great deal. The negative ionizer can promote better health and atmosphere as well. When people feel more comfortable, it is likely that they will improve their mood and reduce their stress as well.

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