FAQ about Himalayan Salt Lamp

FAQ about Himalayan Salt Lamp

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I still don’t get it, what kind of lamp is it?

This lamp is a chunk of crystal salt from Himalayan Mount. Inside the chunk, a light bulb is inserted so the rock salt will distribute negative ion to the surrounding. (Read more: What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp? History and Definition).

When do I get the positive impact of this lamp?

The result varies depending on several factors; individual’s sensitiveness, a room’s humidity, or the size of the light bulb. Some people obtain the effect within several days while others utilize it for several weeks and start obtaining a benefit. (Read more: 11 Medical Benefits of Negative Ions).

What will people feel when using this lamp for the first time?

Reviews from users show that the first reaction is an improvement in sleeping quality and a refreshed feeling in the morning (if the lamp is located in a bedroom). (Read more: 12 Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp).

Does the lamp needs recharge?

No, it does not need recharges. However, it needs light bulb replacement once the old bulb is off to prevent the lamp from melting, shrinking, or leaking water when is not exposed to heat in a long period of time. (Read more: How to use Himalayan Salt Lamp & How to change salt lamp bulb?).

How long will this lamp operate?

With proper maintenance, (Read more: How to Clean Salt Lamp, Himalayan salt lamp care), this lamp will work for more than 5 years.

Will the Negative Ion run out?

As long as the lamp is still there (no matter how small it is) the lamp will produce negative ion when is exposed to heat from the light bulb. The negative ion will be produced as the lamp is exposed to a hot light bulb. Negative ion will be no longer produces when the crystal salt chunk is out.

What kind of light bulb will work and how about the wattage?

For obtaining optimum negative ion, the lamp with the weight of 5 kg and under is to use 5-15 watt light bulb. Meanwhile, the lamp with a weight of 6 kg and more is to use 15-40 watt light bulb. (Read more: Himalayan salt lamp colors, sizes, shapes & What Type of Bulb for Salt Lamp).

Where can we buy light bulbs for our Himalayan Salt Lamp?

We can buy the light bulb in an electrical supplies store or any other stores for affordable rates. (Read more: What kind of bulb do you need for a salt lamp? & Do Salt lamps work with LED bulbs?).

Is this lamp safe for hypertension, children, and pregnant women?

This lamp is safe to have at any place, for all ages, and conditions. Even for children with autism will obtain positive impacts (tight sleep and peacefulness for certain cases). (Read more: Salt lamp safe during pregnancy & Salt lamps safe for pets?).

Is this lamp is allowed for a room with AC?

Certainly, this lamp is good for a room with AC because the negative ion will work optimally in that room.

When I leave the room, should I turn the light off?

It is recommended to turn the light on for 24 hours. Therefore, when you leave your house, let the lamp on so when you get home, you can directly enjoy the negative ion. (Read more: Why is my salt lamp turning white?).

What is the best place to place this lamp?

The best place is around the spot where you and your family are doing activities (for instance in a living room; place in a spot where you and your family usually sit down). (Read more: A Guide to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps with Optimal Benefits).

Does this lamp leave any side effects for long-term usage?

Are Himalayan salt lamps safe?. No side effects are reported by those who have been using this lamp for more than 20 years. In addition, people who live around Himalayan mount are healthy people, own strong body immunity, and have long life expectation based on research conducted by “Institut of Science and Technology” Korea. (Read more: Is Himalayan salt lamp hoax?).


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