Do salt lamps work with LED bulbs

Do Salt Lamps Work with LED Bulbs?

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Do salt lamps work with LED bulbs? That is a common question as we need to replace the bulbs after several months of usage. We will usually turn the lamp on for 24/7. Therefore, the light bulbs will eventually be worn out.

We might want to get the replacement bulb but we are afraid of picking the wrong light bulbs. Because of the reason, we will also need to use a light bulb that can help us to save a lot in the electricity bills. We need to know whether the LED light bulbs will do for the salt lamps.

When it is an essential home decor like a Himalayan salt lamp, we need to search reliable information. We can now easily find some information that is related to salt lamps, usage, functions, maintenance, and replacement.

In addition, we can always ask any questions in the forums. Some members will ask whether the salt lamp sweaty all the time. Based on the experience, users will answer that correctly. Besides, we can also find out whether it is fine for our lamp to fade the colors.

Do Himalayan salt lamps work with LED bulbs?

It will be good if we can use LED light bulbs due to the energy saving quality. Unfortunately, we cannot use LED bulbs. The lamps will not generate much heat. That is why it is not a good idea.

The Himalayan salt lamp will work as the heat enables the salt chunk to release the negative ion. Thus, we have to pick light bulbs that generate heat. Incandescent bulbs are recommended. The wattage is varied. We can select the wattage that suits the size of our salt lamp.

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Light bulbs of 15 watts will suit the small salt lamp. Meanwhile, for a medium-sized salt lamp, light bulbs of 25 watts is a perfect choice. For a large salt lamp, we need to use light bulbs of 45 watts.

The salt lamp will not burden our electric bill. We can spend much for a decorative lighting string in our backyard. Besides, if it is a healthier atmosphere, why not?

Can I use a Halogen bulb in a salt lamp?

We all know that Himalayan salt lamp is a device that requires heat from the light bulb to function normally. However, we need to be very careful when selecting the right light bulbs. Commonly, we can use tungsten filament bulbs for replacement. It can last from 500 to 1000 hours.

If we want to use energy-saving light bulb such as the LED, that will be inefficient. The LED light bulbs will not be able to warm up the lamp effectively. Can I use a LED bulb in a salt lamp? No, you can not.

What about halogen bulbs?

We can use it up to 15 watts. If we use greater than 15 watts, the lamp will cause an overheating effect. Too hot light bulbs will damage the salt lamp. Thus, we should not use Halogen light bulbs with over 15 watts.

Just take a look at this exclusive video and learn more about LED and Halogen bulbs.


Always remember to unplug the salt lamp from the power source when we are about to change the bulb. Besides, we need to wait for the bulb to cool down before replacing it. Also, we need to be sure that we screw the light bulb tightly so it will not be blown when the power is on.

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