Do salt lamps really work

Do Salt Lamps Really Work? What does a salt lamp do?

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The Himalayan salt lamps are a natural masterpiece of the pure salt crystal that is excavated from the foothills of Himalayan Mountain. The area is an ancient primordial salt mount which has been enriched with excellent benefits on salt so we can use the product for obtaining health benefits.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps really work? How does a Himalayan Salt Lamp work?

We have seen many advertisements and claims on it but the basic question remains the same. Therefore, we have to learn the basics of this lamp. While learning this first basic knowledge, we will also find a conclusion on how this Himalayan Salt Lamp works.

First of all, we have to know that crystal salt is a natural hygroscopic agent. It will absorb water molecules from the air. That is why the salt will melt as we let the lamp until for a long period of time. Within the light, the small light bulb will release the negative ion into the air. The negative ion is good ion that will leave a healthy impact over time.

“Negative ions in the air attract particles of pollution and force them to seek an electrical ground. This will make the bad particles to fall harmlessly.”

That is the main reason why negative ion is beneficial for health. However, ions will not be produced without any energy sources and thus we need to use heat from a small bulb to produce negative ion from the crystal salt.

How does a Himalayan Salt Lamp work

Nature constantly produces negative on many occasions. Beautiful natural wonders such as waterfall, waves, hard rain, and wind are some that keep the earth clean and healthy to live. Even, a bad disaster such as a storm is also useful to produce negative ion. All of them make water and air purifier.

Research in Jerusalem in 1966 has shown that patients with respiratory problems were cured with negative ions therapy. The treatments were proven to give less prone to rebound attacks. Even, another research has shown that babies did not cry as frequent as they did in a room that was not equipped with any negative ion producer.

Do salt lamps really work, what does a salt lamp do

Do Salt Lamps Really Work? Himalayan Salt Lamp is Hygroscopy

It means, the lamp attracts moisture, humidity, pollutants, and airborne water molecules. All of them are the natural feature of sodium chloride. This makes this product needs an energy source to create negative ions. It generates negative ions with the heat that is produced by the incandescent bulb inside. The evaporation generates the negative ions which are proven to be effective in improving health conditions.

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Getting informed with the Himalayan Salt Lamps do they work and how the salt crystal lamps help us improving our health in so many ways?

The modern world is so efficient in terms that we can communicate easily, our life is never in the dark thanks to the electricity, and the world seems never to be too quiet with electronic devices.

WIFI, cell phones, electrical plants, television, towers, and many other electromagnetic radiation sources all generate bad ions (positive ions) that can be so much harm to our health and lives at the same time.

How does a Himalayan salt lamp work, do salt lamps really work

The positive ion reduces serotonin levels in human bodies and causes bad health problems such as fatigue and lethargy. In a severe condition, people can suffer from various types of cancers due to positive ions exposure.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps can simply produce negative ions to purify our surrounding and that is a good and beautiful way to reduce or even stop the effect of the electromagnetic radiation on our bodies.


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