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Citrine Lamp Meaning, Facts and Healing Properties

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Citrine lamp is proven to be effective in providing the best environment and healthy atmosphere for homeowners. In can elevate the mood in the room and even fight against bad energy that can ruin the fortune of a certain room. There is more than a scientific effect of a crystal lamp that people can get benefit from. The lamps seem to have a magical quality that makes a room feels better. Some crystal lamps even claim to give therapeutic benefits for some health problems. Besides the salt lamps, Citrine Crystal Lamp is one of the most popular home decors.

What is a Citrine Crystal Lamp?

The lamp of Citrine Crystal is made of the citrine stone. Citrine is a semiprecious gem belongs to the very large family of quartz crystal. The Citrine stone (SiO₂) is a bright mineral that emanates wonderful energy and joy at the same time. Citrine rates a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale and has good toughness. Etymologically, the name was derived from the French word means lemon. The name was taken due to the bright color of the stone. The mineral carries the essence of the sun which always provides energy to the natural. Besides, there is a simple attached to the gemstone.

Where is citrine come from? The stone is found naturally in various places in the world. Commonly, the stone was mined from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Zambia, Zaire, Namibia, Africa, Congo, Spain, Russia, Madagascar, Scotland, Britain, France, Soviet Union, Tibet, India, Myanmar, Colorado, North Carolina, California, and also the USA. The gemstone has been part of human civilization ever since 300 BC. The stone is the favorite gem to use as jewelry since the ancient Romans. History also notes that the Greeks also loved to use the crystal as jewelry material.

In the first century AD, Citrine was crafted into cabochon rings. Some intaglio work also used the stone. By the 17th century, Queen Victoria made the crystal more famous. The Queen was so fascinated by the sparkle that she made the Scottish men loved the crystal as well. They started to use the stone as their kilt pins. They even use the crystal to decorate their shoulder broaches and their swords handle as well.

Where are citrine mined

The gemstone reached excellent popularity during the Art Deco era. At that time, Hollywood stars kept wearing Citrine jewelry and influenced the world. The brooches, grand necklace, other pieces of jewelry were made of the beautiful Citrine stones.

The Meaning of the Citrine Stone Lamp

Citrine crystal has a pale yellow color. Some of the stones have the hue of a brownish color. The citrine is transparent with silicon dioxide composition. The diagonal pattern of citrine has the shape of a trigonal cellular. Sometimes, the stone has a tint of yellow from the iron composition. Unlike other precious minerals, Citrine is usually found in large quantities. Therefore, the stones are usually reshaped in smaller sizes to proceed. The citrine should pass the procedure of intense heat to find the citrine inside the igneous rocks.

When heated excessively at 1,000 F degrees, the citrine will turn golden brown. Despite its popularity, the crystal is not that expensive. Collectors and jewelry lovers also treasure the citrine crystal for its beauty. It is admired because of the sparkling loveliness and easy maintenance. The beauty will last as people keep it away from the heat. So, it is a good idea to place the citrine indoor. Citrine Crystal Lamp will thus a good investment for home decor.

Today, the stone is not a rare commodity anymore. Yet, the luxurious impressions of the gemstone make it a pretty material for the indoor lighting fixtures. The earth tone color is a true beauty for both women’s jewelry and interior decoration.

The meaning of citrine is lemon based on the original language. Yet, the true meaning of the stone is varied. Here are some of the meanings that people can admire from the Citrine Crystal Lamp.

1. The stone for the Merchants

The citrine is a perfect choice for those who were born in November. Yet, one of the most popular meanings of the citrine is that it is the merchant’s stone. It is a success stone. There are the properties of wealth inside the citrine. Besides, the stone has a good benefit for financial life. The business of ventures can use the stone as a good luck charm.

2. Citrine means Success

It is true that people need to work hard to reach success. However, it will be excellent to manifest the mood and good effort for anything in life with the beautiful citrine. This is so because the citrine is also lovable for the benefit of improving the personal will and desire.

3. Citrine is associated with Creativity

The citrine properties can help to improve the quality of the creative process. Citrine is associated with the Crown, Root, Navel/Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. Besides, the stone has the chakras that are all related to the imagination and creativity of humans. It can also enhance mental clarity. The flow of ideas will be stronger with the help of citrine.

Citrine which chakra meaning and properties

Can Citrine Crystal really Help with Pregnancy?

Citrine is the best crystal to help with nausea, constipation, and gastric troubles during pregnancy from constipation to gas. This Citrine crystal lamp should help! Besides, the lamp will keep cramps away simultaneously nourishing your baby bond with you better.

With the meanings and functions, it is a good idea then to place the Citrine Crystal Lamp in the bedrooms. We can place the lamp in the office rooms as well. And it will be charming to also place the lamp in the kid’s room.

The Benefits of Citrine Stone Lamps?

1. Health Benefits

Citrine is a good aid for urinary tract disease treatment. Besides, the kidneys, diabetes, and digestive systems health problems can use the citrine as part of the therapy. In some users, citrine shows a good effect for regulating imbalance in the thyroid gland. Some patients with gallbladder health issues can also make use of the citrine for treatment.

The citrine is also believed to give a good impact on improving the endocrine system. It helps to relieve constipation as well. And it is always recommended to use the crystal to purify the harmful effects of medicines. Those who are dealing with a long procedure of treatment will need to use the citrine to counteract the damaging effect of drugs.

2. Improves Energy Level

Citrine is also beneficial for improving energy level. It can give energy to the human bodies to enhance the electrical impulse in the nervous system. It also improves the strength of the spine. The degenerative disease and blood circulation will improve with citrine help. It can even remove cellulite.

Metaphysical Properties of Citrine

  • Citrine stimulates mental power and helps people to focus on the business and creativity processes.
  • The gemstone brings joy and positive mindset in life. It eliminates negative energy.
  • Citrine Crystal Lamp can help open up people’s mind.
  • Negativity and emotional problems will be resolved gradually as people place the citrine table lamp around the interior.
  • It also helps business runners to keep focusing on the excellent professional manners.
  • Citrine is also the stone for the merchants.

The Color of Citrine & Citrine Crystal Types

Commonly, the citrine has the color of lemon or yellow. However, there are some different hues that we can find in the market.

  • Golden citrine: golden yellow
  • Lemon quartz: light to dark yellow
  • Madeira citrine: brownish red and orange-red
  • Palmeria citrine: bright orange
  • Yellow citrine: lemon yellow color
  • Ametrine: the mix of amethyst and citrine with dashes of purple and yellow on both ends
  • Citrine schorl: a yellow rear and a black front.

How to Cleanse and Charge Citrine Lamp

All crystal is like a battery. Citrine must be cleansed and recharged on a regular basis. It is relatively easy to clean the citrine crystal lamp. We can easily use warm and soapy water to cleanse the surface. Dry with a soft cloth. We can also use ultrasonic cleaners to safely clean the lamp. However, steam cleaning is not a good idea. This is so because citrine should not be exposed to heat.

Where to place Citrine Stone Lamp for the Best Results? Citrine in Feng Shui

Citrine Crystal Lamp is a good interior decor for merchants and business runners. Therefore, it will be excellent to place the table lamp, floor lamp, lotus lamp, or cluster lamp around a workplace and even a home office. Besides, the lamp will be a perfect ornament for bedrooms. The citrine is an amazing decoration that brings joy. Therefore, it will be special to use the lamp for romantic purposes.

In Feng Shui, It is recommended that you keep the citrine lamp:

  • In the southeast corner of your house to enhance income and wealth luck.
  • In the center of your house to bring energy, light, and cheerfulness into your home and life.
  • In the southern part of your living room. It invites joy and happiness in relationships by eliminating discord in the family.
  • In the cashier or reception area to attract more business luck.

What is the difference between a Citrine and Topaz?

There are times that people are misinformed about the crystal and quartz. Most people will usually relate citrine with topaz. Even, some sellers often offer citrine as the yellow topaz. Indeed, the experts of gemstone know the differences. Yet, they will never share the truth since they can get much from people who do not aware of the differences.

Is citrine or topaz november birthstone - citrine topaz difference

According to the GemSociety, some of the false trade names commonly used for citrine are Gold topaz, Madeira topaz, Serra topaz, Spanish topaz, and Bahia topaz.

Here are the differences between Topaz and Citrine:

  1. The price of Topaz is absolutely higher. Therefore, it will be important that people make sure that they are buying real topaz. Besides, people need to make sure that they pay the right rates for the citrine. Citrine Crystal Lamp is usually offered in a quite affordable rate.
  2. They’re composed of different chemicals, citrine = SiO2 and topaz = Al2SiO4(F, OH)2
  3. They have different physical and optical properties
  4. The color of topaz is brown while the citrine looks more yellowish or lemon in color.
  5. Topaz is rare while citrine is more abundant.

The Citrine Crystal Lamp is definitely a beautiful interior decor with various benefits. We can get both therapeutic benefits and ornamental luxury with the lamp. The maintenance of the lamp is easy and the durability is quite excellent. The lamp also has the metaphysical sides that will help homeowners to live a better life. We can now get the original products through the online site.

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