Grey salt lamp benefits - Grey pyramid salt lamp in canada and uk

Grey Salt Lamp: Benefits and Advantages

Himalayan salt lamps are designed with the exotic look and natural color. We can hardly find an original product of salt lamps with extremely bright colors due to the natural mineral and elements. The salt lamps commonly have pastel colors such as white, pale pink and peach. However, there are some lamps appear with deep […]

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Can you put essential oils directly on a himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp and Essential Oils Uses

In this stressful universe, to put some efforts into providing comfort at home. We will need a special ambiance with the comforting smells of aromatherapy in our nest. Besides, we will need to purify the air in our interior. Therefore, the Himalayan salt lamp is an excellent choice. In addition, the essential oils for aromatherapy […]

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Repair Himalayan salt lamp cracked

How to Repair Cracked Salt Lamp?

How to repair a broken salt lamp? Before learning how to do it, we need to be sure that we are selecting the right salt lamp for our beloved home. The Himalayan salt lamp is apparently not common to home decor. We will get a health benefit when placing the lamp in our home. In […]

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