Blue Kyanite meaning and healing properties

Blue Kyanite Lamp: Properties, Meanings & Uses

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Kyanite Lamp (Al2SiO5) – We all know that health is the best investment in life. Besides, the free radical effects in our outside world are dangerous. Therefore, we need to be sure that our house or office will give us the best purification. We can actually get the counter-attack of pollution impacts with nutritious foods. Yet, we can improve our effort to live healthier by placing the Kyanite lamp (Al2SiO5). Kyanite lamp is the ornament that we can pick for giving our environment a better prettiness and healthy.

What is a Kyanite Lamp?

Minerals and crystals are often underestimated. Mostly, people believe that crystals or stones are only a thing. The facts say different conditions. People need to see the crystals with a different perspective so they can find the best benefits. Crystals are definitely not simple things. The minerals inside crystals are growing and providing excellent effects for life. Besides the sparkling beauty that can give luxury, the minerals in the crystals can give various advantages. People need to believe it then the magic will happen.

Blue Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite (Al2SiO5) is a stunning blue aluminum silicate mineral. Most of the time, the intense shade of blue color of the stone creates a magical appearance. However, some Kyanite has multiple color zoning. That creates a unique appearance since within a single crystal, the color hues look a little bit different. The beautiful colors make the crystal well-valued by collectors.

The name of Kyanite is derived from the Greek term Cyanos or Kuanos. That word simply means deep blue. That name is the representation of the fabulous color of the crystal. It is also known as Kyanos, Disthene, Rhaeticide, and Cyanite.

Where is Kyanite found? The Kyanite deposits are found naturally in various places in the world. Commonly, the stone was mined from Brazil, Nepal, Russia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria, Australia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Serbia, Zimbabwe, Canada, Mexico, and also The U.S.

Kyanite Mined from

Kyanite is a mineral that is usually found in the metamorphic rocks. The mineral is created from the high-pressure alteration of mineral clay. That occurs during the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks.

Most of the time, the crystal is found in the schist and gneisses. It is rare to find the same crystal in quartzite or eclogite. The form is usually bladed crystal. However, in some other times, the crystal appears as radiating masses.

Kyanite has various minerals such as garnet, staurolite, and corundum. With that amazing deep blue color, kyanite lamp will be an elegant home decor.

The Meaning of the Kyanite Lamp

Kyanite lamp is recommended for providing treatments for some physical health problems. Besides, it is also useful to place the lamp in the interior to help to improve the mood of the owners. It is a wonderful alternative to a blue sapphire and it’s best used for pendants, earrings, night lamp, and necklaces.

Kyanite inspired loyalty and fairness in social life. The deep blue color and the philosophy inside the color makes the stone a perfect choice for everyone. Here are some detail meanings of Kyanite Lamp:

1. Kyanite Lamp Provides Calmness

Many people will go through disagreement and disputes. When business runners have to deal with many ideas and competitiveness, their calmness is the key to reach success. Therefore, kyanite is a good option to take. The lamp will assist people to go through disagreement and disputes. That will surely be a good idea for the love life as well. The crystal is definitely useful to help to repair the damages in a relationship. So, Kyanite lamp is beneficial in the following condition:

  • Negotiations
  • Diplomatic mission
  • Dilemmatic problems
  • Competitiveness
  • Arbitration
  • Disharmonious circumstance
  • Bad communication

2. Kyanite for the Creative People

Kyanite is a good idea for the workplace. This is so because kyanite means a bridge between beliefs and ideas. People can get encouragement for expressing their ideas. Therefore, people will be brave in handling a meeting or leading a seminar. The communication skills are sharpened as well. Those who are confident will usually find it hard to answer questions and the kyanite will help those people to handle the difficulties.

3. Kyanite means New Behavior

When people lose their way in life, they need to find a way to get back to the positivity. The Kyanite lamp will be a helpful device to help people to break the cycle of destructive behavior. The stone is a charm for giving people encouragement to get back on track.

The Colors of Kyanite Gemstone

Kyanite has a blue color. However, there are some other colors that make the crystal blades look more colorful. The color variations make the crystal paler in the edges. The Kyanite might come with white or colorless appearance.

Blue Kyanite Properties

Kyanite is hard to find. The stone with a flawless look that is free from inclusions will be rare. The stone is also hard and difficult to cut. The kyanite that we find in nature is usually in blue, grey, black, indigo, white, orange, pink, and green in color.

The Benefits and Healing Properties of Kyanite Lamps?

Kyanite is not a traditional birthstone and not associated with any Zodiac sign. But, most people today believe that kyanite lamp is a perfect stone for the zodiac Aries, Taurus, and Libra. The element of air in the Kyanite will be the strong charm with beneficial healing properties. Typical colors are blue, grey, black, and green.

1.Kyanite Lamp for Meditation

One of the most standout benefits of Kyanite is for meditation. We all know that to meditate, we need to concentrate and purify our mind. Therefore, we need to use a charm that brings attunement in our soul. The kyanite is the right stone for this. It will not retain negative energy. Thus, users do not have to clear their mind when starting meditation.

2. Kyanite Lamp Aligns the Chakras

Kyanite is particularly stimulating to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. It is easy to align several chakras with the stone. The Kyanite provides the core of yin and yang energy. It removes blockages and moves the energy of the outside universe gently through the bodies.

Kyanite meaning chakra

3. Kyanite Lamp for Calmness

The most essential emotion that people can make use is calmness. When people manage their inner peace well and when they have a strong calmness in their mind, they will be able to handle many tasks better. The stone brings the tranquility for various important occasions in life.

4. Kyanite Lamp for Communication Capabilities

Calm bodies and peaceful mind will help people to be more careful in selecting the dictions. Even, the stone encourages the psychic abilities for communications. The Kyanite removes anger and frustration at the same time. Those negative emotions such as frustration and confusion that can reduce the quality of communications will be eliminated with the Kyanite stone. So, it will be great to place a Kyanite lamp in the bedrooms or other rooms where people often want to share the positive vibe from their verbal communications.

5. Kyanite Lamp Stimulates Energy

Kyanite tone stimulates energy that will support daily activities. People can connect their physical power with spiritual strength with the help of the stone. Even, when people sleep, kyanite can promote a sweet dream that can promote healing dreams.

6. Kyanite Lamp Healing Properties

Kyanite can treat urogenital systems in human bodies. It is known as one of the stones that will aid you to develop intuition as well as enhancing psychic abilities overall. Besides, the adrenal and parathyroid glands will be treated as well. The stone shows a good benefit in curing disorders of the throat and brains. The muscular system of humans will normalize with the Kyanite lamp. It heals infections in various body parts as well. In patients with hypertension problems, the stone is also useful as it can lower blood pressure. Those who suffer from pain in several body parts can use kyanite as a natural pain reliever.

Metaphysical Properties of Kyanite Lamp

Besides the aforementioned functions and meanings, Kyanite lamp has special properties based on the colors:

1.Black Kyanite Lamp

Black Kyanite Healing Properties

Where is black Kyanite found? Black Kyanite is found across Brazil and India. The black kyanite has an effective healing tool. It can help people to cleanse the soul. Besides, it is efficient to give people the power to stay focus and release imperatives that lead people to live without purpose.

2. Blue Kyanite Lamp

Kyanite Metaphysical Properties

It simply heals blockages in human bodies. People will get all positive auras with this lamp. The emotional, mental, and spirituality that will be positive for business and relationship will be gained with the blue kyanite.

3. Green Kyanite

Green Kyanite

Green Kyanite connects people with the truth of their heart. That will give people encouragement to speak from their heart. It helps people to stay with honesty.

4. Orange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite

Many will not believe that a single stone can provide this big function of our human bodies. The orange kyanite is believed to be capable of providing high etheric energies that can go through the DNA. That gives a physical evolution that makes people change into positive people with all excellent potentials. The stone also eliminates negative energy.

How to Cleanse and Charge Kyanite

People should remember that water is not recommended to clean Kyanite lamp and gemstone. This is so because water can be damaging. Air Energy is better to clean the lamp. The tool can be effective but people need to also include some other treatments to clear the energy of the lamp. Baking soda is a good idea based on the tips offered at reliable gemstone blogs.

Where to place Kyanite Lamp for the Best Results? Kyanite Lamp in Feng Shui

Kyanite is a beautiful stone to decorate a bedroom. Therefore, Kyanite Lamp will be a perfect idea for a bedside table. The stone will calm the energy around the room. So, it is recommended that the lamp is placed in the children’s room. Based on Feng Shui, the kyanite will bring soothing and calming energy. Therefore, it is brilliant to place the lamp in the bagua area in the interior part of the home and office.

Kyanite Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the Kyanite lamp should be placed in the right directions based on the color. Blue and black kyanite should be located in the North, East, or Southeast bagua areas. Meanwhile, the orange Kyanite Lamp will look excellent and function optimally in the Southwest area. That will be great for love and marriage life.

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