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8 Signs of Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Natural health gadgets cover many kinds of products including the Himalayan Salt Lamp. We might love a candle with the soothing fragrance of aromatherapy but we need a product that can provide better health benefits. However, the popularity of the Himalayan salt lamp makes it harder to get the best product that is original (not faked). It is important for us to get the authentic Himalayan salt lamp to give good impacts for real. Besides, we need to invest in the product and thus to make sure that we pay the right rates for the right product is crucial.

The increase of demands often opens a chance for a fake product and it also happens to this awesome product of Himalayan Salt Lamp. It is often hard to detect a salt lamp authenticity because of the detail counterfeits. Yet, there are some easy ways to tell that the Himalayan Salt Lamp is real authentic or fake.

How to tell if your Himalayan Salt Lamp is real?

1. The Light is Too Bright

Himalayan Salt Lamp comes in ranges of colors. Sometimes it has a medium pink color, soft pink, and sometimes it appears dark orange as well. The salt has various different minerals and because it is excavated from a giant rock hill, the color scheme is varied and the light emanation of the lamp is sometimes muted or not smooth.

Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

For such reason, the common salt lamp (the original one) releases a soft glow with a warm impression. This is one of the most obvious signs that a salt lamp is original. Therefore, when a Himalayan Salt Lamp illuminates well with its bright light, it could be a sign that the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a fraud.


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2. The Price

Most of the time, we believe that a fake product is the one that is put on a clearance sale or a product that has a low rate. But that does not necessarily look like so. We have to deal with thorough research and investigation because some faked products are offered inexpensive rates. Besides, we will need to know the type of crystal of Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Original Himalayan Salt Lamp

We have known that Himalayan salt crystal has a warm pink or orange light. But, we have to know that there is another type of Himalayan salt lamp with white, purple, and blue crystal. The white salt lamp is rare and thus the rate should be expensive. If the salt lamp has a white crystal but the rate is cheap, the product is surely faked. Even if the rate is similar to the pink or orange crystal, it is a sign that the lamp is not original.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp has Hygroscopy Characters

Pure Himalayan salt lamp absorbs moisture and then evaporates pure water into the air. That ability is called hygroscopy. That is responsible for the sweating problem in a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp. Thus, if our Himalayan Salt Lamp does not sweat in a high moisture place or rooms, the lamp is surely a fake.

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4. The Durability

“An original product should be durable and the faked one is not”. That is the common wrong idea of the original product of a Himalayan salt lamp. The fact is that the original/genuine product is fragile. Some customers report that the products are broken and crumbling due to poor quality packing. Therefore, when the product does not break and so durable after a bump, it can be a sign that the product is a fake.

Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp

5. Manufactures Return Policy

We can actually prevent from buying faked products by purchasing the lamp from the professional supplier online. We need to be sure that the manufacturers provide reliable return policy. If the company does not offer a return policy or if the terms and conditions are too complicated, the products have a keen risk to be a fake.

6. You Buy Salt Lamps from a Seller with No Ratings Yet

Just because there are no ratings doesn’t mean a scam. Message the salt lamp seller and if you can get around to asking for some verification that may help, and use Paypal. You can personally private message the salt lamps seller first and ‘get a feel’ for what sort of a person he/she is.

7. The authentic Himalayan salt lamp can only come from the Khewra salt mine, Jhelum District, Pakistan

Country of origin should be listed in the salt lamp description. But remember, just because the vendor said it was made in Pakistan does not mean the entire manufacturing process of a salt lamp was in Pakistan. It is quite possible that only the final assembly took place in Pakistan.

Signs Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp


8. Taking Salt Lamp, but Not Seeing Any Health Benefits?

It could be one sign that the salt lamp you have is not the original because the real Himalayan salt lamp will provide health benefits for you. Or maybe you could just be wrong in how to correctly use the salt lamps.

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