Are Lava Lamps Safe to Keep on All Night

Are Lava Lamps Safe to Leave on All Night? User Guide!

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Today, various lamps and lighting fixtures are available in the market. And the mesmerizing effect of lava lamps is now admired. There are several different kinds of lava lamps, including Tower lava lamp, Cylinder lava lamp, Floor lava lamp, Rocket lava lamp, Wolverine lava lamp, Horn lava lamp, Groovy lava lamp, Bullet lava lamp, and Custom made a lava lamp.

Yet, are lava lamps safe to keep on all night? That is the most common question that is often asked by homeowners.

Lava lamps (Astro lamp) are designed with colorful lights: red, blue, yellow, green, black, purple, pink, white/clear, and rainbow. Once the light is turned on, the power can create a vibrant effect to a room. A dull room will change into an elegant one instantly. The appearance can be a nice decoration for all rooms. We can place one in our bedroom and we will get a better mood. Even, we can use the lamp to illuminate our home spa.

Lava Lamp Benefits

Lava Lamps can provide various benefits to our interior space. The lamp gives more than just illumination.

1. Therapeutic Lighting

When we are talking about therapeutic lighting, we will usually include a salt lamp. The material of the Himalayan Salt lamp is considered the best for giving excellent benefits for physical and mental health. The Lava lamp can give the same impact. The unique illumination has been providing a good mood and improved atmosphere for generations. The lamp can be a focal point and help homeowners to obtain relaxation. The lamp will also serve good vibes in the interior.

2. Providing Peace

The lava lamp is created with the iconic blend of light inside the globe. The unique formulation will fill the room with a lively impression which will increase its positive mood. It can also give a soothing effect. The illumination is designed for producing soft lighting through its colored glass. And the soft illumination produces will calm people down so people can reduce their stress and achieve peace of mind.

3. Calming down the Kids

If you have kids, the lava lamps can also be a great idea for calming them. Not only kids who have sensory issues such as autism that needs the lamp, but all kids will also need to use this lamp for helping them focus. Therefore, the lava lamp can be useful for their study area. The lamp can calm them down before sleeping.

4. Creating a Good Vibe

A Himalayan salt lamp can give a good vibe through its negative ions production. Meanwhile, the lava lamp will give a good vibe through its illumination. It will be an interesting tool for light up a room with its motion. The vibe can provide relaxation as well as entertainment in a room.

Is it Safe to Leave a Lava Lamp on Overnight?

Due to its beautiful illumination, homeowners may want to keep the lamp on all night long. Is that safe? When the lamp is used too intensely, the lamp will get hot and it might be overheated. The lava lamps are considered as safe as we operate the lamp properly.

According to LAVA Lamp Website, if this your first time turning on the lava lamp, it will need about two to six hours to start the lava flowing, so be patient. The more often you use it, the quicker the startup time will be.

Therefore, we need to make sure that we read the manual book to know the safety duration before using the lamp. Depending on the light types and brands, the lava lamp can be used from 8 to 10 hours a day.

Are Lava Lamps Safe to Leave on All Night

We need to make sure that we do not shake the lamps for keeping the translucent liquid, colored wax, and the illumination quality as we turn the lava lamp on. Besides, we should never operate the lamp 24 hours straight since it will get overheated.

Besides, we need to keep the lava lamp safe by placing it on the cool spot. Direct sunlight is also dangerous for the lamp since it can fade the lamp color over time. Also, we have to read the instruction on the box before using. And do not use the lamp overnight every single day to keep the lava lamps functions longer.

Can Lava Lamps Catch on Fire?

There are always bad possibilities in every product. The quality problem or bad design will make a lava lamp dangerous. The low-quality design leads to some problems. It will be overheated over time. Also, it will burn and catch on fire. A small case can only burn the lamp. However, when the design is too bad, there will be a short circuit that can lead to a big fire.

What are the Dangers of Lava Lamps?

Lava lamps or other electrical instruments can be dangerous if we do not use the products properly. Therefore, we need to be sure that we know the risks before installing any products. Are Lava Lamps Safe to Leave on All Night? Sometimes, the lava lamps will be dangerous when kept too long.

Here are some of the Dangers of Lava lamps:

Lava lamps can start a fire when there are clutters. Thus, avoid placing the lamps around clutters that can catch fire. Don’t put it close to books, posters, and papers.

Also, we have to be sure that we do not turn on the lamp too long since it causes overheating.

We must place the lamp in a safe distance and let children not touch the lamp. When the lamp is turned on, the lamp will get hot. It can cause a severe burn. Because of the electric devices, we should not put the lava lamp on a heated stove.

And never unplug the lamp when the cord is wet since it can cause a short circuit. However, do not worry about the lava inside the globe since it is non-toxic.

Lava Lamp Safety Tips

We do not have to worry about the safety of a lava lamp. As long as we use the lamp properly and based on the instructions provided by manufacturers, the lava lamps are relatively safe. Here are some safety tips on using lava lamps:

  • Buy only lava lamps from a reputable manufacturer. Also, we need to check the reputation of dealers so we do not buy fake products.
  • Register the lava lamps so we can easily get a warranty cover and replacements when the products are at fault. We can also order repair easily once the products fail to work properly.
  • Check the electrical items before using and even buying. Use product recalls checker if necessary.
  • Check if the plug fits our electricity appliances at home.
  • Make a regular check and maintenance to see whether the sockets have burn marks. We also have to notice any suspicious sounds. When the device is too hot to touch, we need to be cautious.
  • Make sure that the lava lamp has RCD or residual current device protection. An RCD is a sensitive safety device that switches off electricity automatically if there is a fault.

How to Use Lava Lamps Safely?

The lamp is designed for night use and bedroom ornament. Therefore, the lamp is safe when we use it carefully. One thing that we need to do is to unplug the lava lamp before doing the regular cleaning. Please do not touch your lava lamp (globe & base) while it is still operating or HOT.

What are the Dangers of Lava Lamps

All parts should be at room temperature when we switch the device on. The lamp has a long cord. It will be safe as we keep the cord away from the hot parts. Due to the electrical system, we should never use any accessories or attachments which are not recommended by the original manufacturer. That can be dangerous to its electrical function.

Lava Lamp Replacement Bulb Sizes

Lava lamp does not need a special type of bulb, but it requires a specific size to its design. This bulb is primarily used as a heat source. Check your lamp base and select which fitting you have.

Please contact your lava lamp manufacturer for a bulb replacement guide.

Lava Lamp Replacement Bulb Sizes

Which Lava Lamp is the Best?

All brands of lava lamps are good. We have to only pick the one that is made by trusted manufacturers. Also, we have to buy from a reputable shop. However, we need to follow some buyer’s guides so we do can get the best lava lamps. We will be able to save a lot as we pick the best product based on the expert guidelines.

First of all, choose a type of lava lamp that we want. There are some types of lava lamps that can suit our interior. The classic lava lamps are excellent for a house with a classic theme. Besides, we can pick glitter lamps. The glitter will heat the lamp faster. Glitter lamps are considered faster compared to the classic lava lamps.

Next, we need to choose a manufacturer. A well-known brand can provide a better investment. This is so because buyers will get a warranty of products and replacement of parts. The reliable brand provides bulbs, lava spare parts, and replacements.

Another essential thing to consider is size. We need to make sure that the size of our lava lamps can illuminate the entire room. For a small space, a small lava lamp will be a good idea. But when we want to use the lamp for a large space, the 52 oz lava lamp is the best choice.

After that, we have to select the best color. It is possible to choose the color that matches our interior. Also, we can pick a vibrant color for the kid’s room.

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