Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe for Pets and Babies

Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe for Pets and Babies?

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Media and various online portals claim that Himalayan Salt Lamp is safe and beneficial. However, we have to get informed about whether this product is safe for pets and babies.


“Are Himalayan Salt Lamps safe?”

This question will come up to our mind when we read the reviews and articles on this product. To equip a house with a device for a purified air is one thing but to create a healthy home for our babies and pets is quite another. We need to be very careful when selecting a device with a claim for providing excellent health condition by purifying the air in the interior because in some cases, the device is not secured for the babies and even for the pets.

Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe for Pets Cat

For all pets’ owners, a house should not only be comfortable and healthy for the human inside but also for the pets. Those who have lived for years with pets will consider them as families. Even, they have spare sufficient budget for the pets’ health care and foods as well. Pets should be served with healthy meals and even get proper medical treatments once they are sick. That is why a house needs to have something that is healthy and safe for the pets. And if a pet treated that way, more care and concerns should be served for the babies.

Babies are risked to allergy and other health problems so we need to keep our house hygienic. Besides, we need to make sure that any devices that we place indoor leave no harmful effects on their health.

Are Himalayan Salt Lamps safe for Pets?

That is a good question but the answer will depend on the kinds of pets that the owners have. If the pets are cats, rabbits, and dogs, the answer can be no, they are not safe for the furry pets. Pets are at risk as they are living around something that contains toxic.

Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe for Pets Dog Bird

Why do cats like Salt Lamps so much? The Himalayan Salt Lamp is glowing and attractive and if a cat is always catching the fake laser light toy, there is nothing can prevent them from sitting around and perhaps licking the lamp. According to Pet Poison Helpline, salt (sodium chloride) is a dangerous poison to cats and dogs and some clinical effects might occur to them after licking the toxic.

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Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe for Pets Cats

The pets will likely show some impacts such as weakness, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, dullness, tremors, coma, and even death. Some show walking drunk, excessive thirst, seizures, and kidney problems. However, that happens only when the pets lick the salt lamp excessively. Therefore, there is an easy and simple way to avoid such a problem. We must perch it out of the reach of the furry pets!

FYI, the recommended daily intake of sodium in cats is 16.7 mg & chloride is 23.7 mg, while daily sodium intake for a dog is 3 mg/pound of body weight.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Emergy conditions can occur at any time of our pets. If that happens, we need to stay calm. Though it is hard to keep calm while something harmful might occur, we need to be very careful in order to avoid a worse condition. Therefore, it is recommended that pet owners know the guide and information concerning their pets. At least, owners have to know the information that they need to inform vets to evaluate their pets.

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Recovery of Salt Poisoning in Dogs

The basic information regarding the pets conditions such as species and breed is necessary. Besides, it is important to tell the animal sex. After that, age, weight, medical condition, medications, and environmental conditions are crucial as well.

In addition, medication information including the name of the drug and formula are important to note. Additionally, we need to know the dosage and types of medicines.

After that, we need to check the chemical or product (salt lamps) that cause a harmful effect on the pets. If it is due to the Himalayan salt lamp, we need to tell the supplier or the store where we get the product from.

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If it is other products such as plastic and garden chemical, we have to take note of some information including the brands, ingredients, EPA registration number, and label warnings as well.

As we see some irregularities to our pets, we have to report some conditions:

  • We have to inform for how long was our pets alone.
  • Note all abnormalities in our pets.
  • We need to note the behavioral and physical irregularities as well.
  • The evidence such as burns to the mouth, pawing at pet’s bodies, and drooling is essential to note as well.
  • Also, we have to report the clinic treatments that have been done to the pets.

What to do if Your Pet is Poisoned?

  1. Call your veterinarian and don’t do anything to induce the vomiting before finding any reliable instruction.
  2. Utilize hydrogen peroxide 3% to induce vomiting, if the Helpline has given advice. Other methods are very dangerous.
  3. The induction of vomiting in cats is hard and must be done by a veterinarian.
  4. Inform all the food product information to the vet. In the case of the Himalayan salt lamp, we need to inform the chronological incidents.
  5. Milk will not be helpful to neutralize the poison.
  6. Monitor the pets after the intoxication.
  7. Don’t do all that the internet says. Some information is just inaccurate.

Recovery of Salt Poisoning in Pets

During the recovery process, it is recommended that we give our pets a diet low in sodium. The level of sodium should be controlled. The follow-up blood test to determine sodium level should be done in 30 days. We need to follow the instructions given by the vet. Annual check-ups are necessary too.

What to do if Your Pet is Poisoned

Pet First Aid Misconceptions

Internet often gives excellent solutions for all problems. However, some of the solutions are incorrect. For instance, some misconceptions for pet first aid come from the internet. Here is the list of the pet first aid misconceptions that we have to be cautious with:

1. Milk for neutralizing all poisons

That is a myth. We should even give no milk to the pets because most pets are lactose intolerant. Besides, milk will cause a worse condition when pets are suffering from stomach upset symptoms.

2. Inducing Vomiting is a must

This appears to be the wrong idea. It is true that is will be helpful for some reasons. However, it does not always appropriate.

3. Hydrogen peroxide is the best idea for all pets

It is not quite true. Hydrogen peroxide might be good for dogs. Yet, it is never safe for cats.

4. Salt is fine for inducing vomiting

This is a definitely wrong decision because salt is dangerous to include vomiting.

5. Mineral oil, butter, oil, and grease can be helpful to pass through poisoned pets.

We might hear it somewhere on the internet. Yet, it is not true. We need to avoid giving our pets all of them because they will make the condition worse.

If our pets are poisoned by the Himalayan salt lamp or any other things, we need to immediately contact our vet. It will be safer to use the right procedure than to use the myths spread by the internet.

Are Himalayan Salt Lamps safe for babies?

Despite the healing power and the unlimited claims of powerful mineral impacts for human bodies, Himalayan Salt Lamp safety is always questionable when it is a baby’s room. Indeed we have to provide the most comfortable ambiance for them but we need to ensure their safety in the first place.

Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Safe for Babies

Therefore, if we are to place this interior décor gadget in the baby’s room, we have to make sure that the babies will not reach and lick the lamp. If it is in a kid’s room, we have to place it out of the children reach so they do not burn themselves with the pretty lighting.

The salt lamp has received positive testimonies as it is placed in the area where the adults are living. It is proven that the lamp is helpful to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack for the elder. But we should never forget that one of the claims say that the Himalayan Salt Lamp is also useful to help improving sleeping quality. If it for that essential sleeping improvement benefit, we have to really give it a shot.

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  1. Is the Hymalayan Salt Lamp harmful to your dog even if the dog does not injest or like the Salt lamp? Is it harmful to the dog or cat just being in the room with the lamp?

    1. The salt lamp can be harmful only if your dog licked the lamp. In addition, you should keep your dog from salt lamp cord so they don’t hurt (electrocution) themselves.

      1. So salt lamps are actually safe for dogs? As long as they don’t lick it? Pls respond thank u i have two dogs who sleeps with me in my bed but iam having difficulty sleeping so i bought salt lamp but worried if it is safe for my two furry babies thanks

        1. Hi, Dama
          Yes, these salt lamps are safe for dogs, even if your dog licks them once or twice.
          But the problem will come if your furry babies lick the salt lamp continuously every day. Dogs can be poisoned if there is an excessive concentration of salt/sodium in the body.
          Advice: You should put a salt lamp out of your pet’s reach

  2. My 15 month old got a hold of a rock not sure how long he was at it…had to be sucking on it for a min or so? Please is this harmful for him?

  3. This is a bit random but I really want to know if the himalayan salt lamp can be dangerous for any specific creature to just breathe it. I have a tank in my room that I plan on having another pet in (unsure yet) and is it safe for birds?
    (Sometimes I even keep baby chicks in my room for a while as well.) Is it safe for any of them to breathe? I feel like keeping it out of reach isn’t a problem though if it’s just toxic to only lick it. I just need to know if it’s safe for any creature to just breathe it. Thanks!

    1. Salt lamps are very safe for pets (including birds and chicks) in your home.
      FYI, salt lamps cleanse the air around them by absorbing moisture & any attached airborne particulate/decreasing air pollution then evaporating pure water pack out into the surrounding environment. They produce negative ions that are beneficial to your pet’s breathing.

  4. Is it dangerous to use in a room that has a vivarium containing a young corn snake?

    1. Hi Clare, It’s perfectly safe.
      Himalayan Salt Lamp in the room doesn’t cause harm to your young corn snake.
      Due to the hygroscopic properties of salt, these lamps will only absorb moisture and water molecules from the air.

  5. I have 2 bearded dragons and one is actually a German Giant plus 3 dogs. I understand that its safe for dogs and I read the comment about a snake but how about all Reptiles? Thanks

    1. Hi David,
      It’s perfectly safe for all reptiles. Reptiles have salt-excreting glands, also means that they are more tolerant to salt.
      Beardies are desert animals and require a dry enclosure. The salt lamp pulls water molecules from the air to its surface, the salt goes into the solution of the excess water.

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