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Amethyst Lamp: Meaning, Types and Benefits

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We have so many choices when it is for interior decor. But, it will be more priceless as we pick the one with the astonishing outfit and therapeutic benefits for our homes. We will fall in love in the second we see the stunning Amethyst Crystal Lamp. When the Himalayan Salt Lamp comes from Pakistan, India, and Nepal, the Amethyst lamp is made out of precious stones from Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Africa, Morocco, Zambia, Canada, Russia, South Korea, USA, and European countries.

What is Amethyst Crystal Lamp?

The Amethyst Crystal Lamp is a piece of art with the precious amethyst gemstone that functions to give soft illumination in a room. The astonishing stone has a deep history that comes along with human civilization history as well. The stone was found as a decorative emblem ever since 25,000 B.C.

The ancient Romans and Greek made some beads and jewelry with amethyst. Greeks named the amethyst crystal meaning “not intoxicated or intoxicating” means a stone that can protect the wearer from intoxication and drunkenness. Some other civilizations used the stone as a part of charms. In the royal lives of some kingdoms, amethyst resembles luxury. Thus, it is always the part of royal crowns, scepters, rings, and head fascinators.

Amethyst crystal mine

Most Christians also believe that the soft purple stone will be a perfect allegiance to Christ. Even, the Catholic worshippers place the amethyst stone in their crosses due to its deep meaning. Amethyst represents the piet and celibacy which is the core of the Catholic religion.

The amethyst crystal lamp is thus a lamp made of precious purple stone that has been regarded as a royal stone with a long history of human civilization. The lamp is designed with unique artistry to give an interior a touch of luxury. The fancy appearance makes a room more admirable as well as comfortable.

Amethyst Crystal Types

Based on the, the factors that determine the quality of amethyst are color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Amethyst crystal earns special colors because of the combination of some different minerals.

Throughout the universe, the amethyst crystal is divided into some types. In certain countries, the colors might be darker and own special benefits for therapy. The color hue will be clearer due to the materials and mineral components as well.

1. Brandberg amethyst

This gemstone is found only in the Brandberg area, Namibia. The look is pretty with the blend of amethyst color, clear, and a little smoky quartz. Some civilizations have been using the stone to improve pure consciousness. Therefore, the stone will be a potent talisman of healing. It is also possible to use it as a symbol of perfection.

Brandberg Amethyst crystal

2. Chevron amethyst

This unique piece of natural stone looks beautiful with the display of purple chevrons patterns with a v shape. The color is deep purple with white quartz. Famous as a Third-Eye stone, this type of amethyst is possible to stimulate vision. The stone is believed to give a benefit to repel negativities and focus on creating energy.

Chevron Amethyst crystal

3. Amethyst Cacoxenite Crystal

The stone has a mixture of dark brown and yellow hues in the stones. The crystal is the mixture of phosphate minerals and various others. The stone is a good pick for those who are searching a charm for a high level of creativity. The stone improves spiritual awareness and also kindness in people.

Amethyst Cacoxenite Crystal

4. Ametrine

The name derives from the word Amethyst and Citrine. The crystal is stunning and so much beneficial to deliver the harmonious blend for two energies. This is also a great choice for those who need a stone for triggering flowing creativity and new ideas.

Ametrine crystal

5. Rutilated amethyst

This rare amethyst contains Rutile that looks brownish with the iron hydroxide mineral. The mineral of Goethite inside the Rutilated amethyst is found also in the Super Seven crystal.

Rutilated Amethyst

What is the color of an Amethyst Lamp?

There is no exact purple color that can represent the color of amethyst. The colors range from pale lilac to deep reddish purple. We can find the transparent stone of amethyst and also the translucent quarts of the same stone.

Amethyst crystal types

The best color of amethyst is the deep purple color. It will be great if the stone does not have or with minimal color zoning. The deeper the color, the better the quality will be. The most valuable amethyst is a rich purple color with rose flashes. Also, heat treatment can lighten the color of very dark amethyst.

In the market of precious stones and semi-precious stones, Siberian amethyst “Deep Russian” is the most expensive one. It has a deep purple stone with red and blue flashes. It will be thus a good idea to have the “highest grade” deep purple stone for a wedding ring or other jewelry. Yet, we can always pick the amethyst lamp with any color to get the benefits.

What are the healing properties of Amethyst Lamp?

Here’s a summary of the proven health benefits of Amethyst Crystal Lamp:

  • Stress reliever
  • Cell growth and regeneration
  • Encourages inner strength
  • Improves health
  • Produces a strong mood for business sense
  • Grow spirituality
  • Protect the owners
  • Repair mechanisms in skin tissue
  • Increases inspirations
  • Help relieve problems in the blood, breathing, headache, insomnia & fatigue
  • Provides calm and clarity of minds
  • Attracts good luck and love
  • Helps to provide transformation property
  • Stimulate fertility and help in the treatment of conditions related to the reproductive system
  • The meditative, creativity and calming stone (works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical).

It is true that amethyst is a healer stone. There are some healing benefits that the owners of the stone will get. It is a natural stress reliever that will help people to avoid the negative impact of anxiety as well.

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The amethyst healing property works by purifying the energy of the space. When the air and atmosphere are better, people will be able to avoid stress. That is why the stone is a good pick for an office or home office ornament. The amethyst lamp will help people to feel relaxed and energetic at the same time.

Effect and Color Meaning of Amethyst

The amethyst is the color birth of February. It relates to spirituality and imagination. The stone is thus believed to be helpful to stimulate the imagination. It is also a beautiful stone that can people to keep inspired.

Violet color has the highest vibration in the spectrum of color. Though violets are not as intense as purple, the essence is similar. The color of amethyst contains the energy and strength of body and soul. Besides, the purple color is wonderful to create a balance between our physical and spiritual. The energy created by the amethyst lamp will thus be good mood improvers for a room.

According to information from the feng shui websites, placing the Amethyst lamp for the following feng shui bedroom areas (Northeast, Southeast, South) can influence the energy in a relationship/marriage and calm the emotions in a household where there are excessive misunderstandings and negative energy.

How to cleanse Amethyst Crystal Lamp?

It is not so easy to cleanse the amethyst crystal lamp. We need to apply an extra careful method to avoid damages on the fragile parts of the lamp. We can do a thorough cleansing without reducing the functions of the amethyst lamp.

1. Tools

First of all, we have to get prepared with a glass bowl. It is really important to avoid using the metallic container to cleanse the amethyst lamp. After that, we need to add clean water and non-iodized sea salt. For every gallon of water, 1-2 tablespoon of salt will be enough.

2. Soaking methods

In order to cleanse the amethyst lamp easily, we have to soak it in the solution. We need to let it in the water for 24 to 48 hours. We can use clean water from our tap. However, if possible, we need to use water from natural water sources to maintain the pureness.

3. Bathing and Rinsing the Stones

We can check if the water in which we soak the stones becomes dingy. If we need to repeat the process, we have to change the water with a fresher solution. When the stones are cleansed, we can rinse them by running clean water thoroughly.

What Bad Effects does Amethyst lamp have?

Besides the healing and therapeutic effects, the amethyst lamp might leave some bad effects for some people. It is recorded at the online forum that someone with hearing impaired found it hard to live healthily with the lamp around. The person kept feeling bad and got some health problems such as nausea and respiratory problems because of the lamp. However, that cannot be a common situation.

Amethyst crystal lamp healing properties

Many people even find the lamp helpful to improve the energy and mood in their interior. In order to avoid risks, we need to use the lamp properly. Here’s the list of bad effects of Amethyst lamp that has occurred to some users:

• Diarrhea
Some users are not ready to handle the influx of energy caused by the lamp. Therefore, they might suffer from the upset stomach with the presence of the Amethyst lamp.

• Pains on the skin
It is also possible that the owners of the lamps feel a little pain in their skins. When the crystal starts healing, they will feel like small needles tingle their skins randomly.

• Headaches
Energy production might also cause a headache. However, the effect will disappear gradually.

• Emotional swings
It is true that the crystal can help reducing stress and even give people better focus. However, sometimes people will change emotionally. The unpredictable emotional changes should be anticipated.

DIY Amethyst lamp

We can easily find some tutorials on DIY amethyst geode lamp throughout Alison Gese’s website and DIY faked amethyst lamp on Youtube.

Amazing DIY Amethyst Lamp

The faked amethyst materials are not so expensive. The crafters use polymer clay which is cheaper than other materials. The tutorials use no borax, alum, pipe cleaners, and salt. Each box of polymer clay costs less than $2.

It will be as easy as rolling the clay as big as chalk. After that, we can cut the clay with the cutter. The shape of the crystal should never be too symmetrical. We can create the crystal with free shapes so the final results will be natural.

After that, we need to bake the clay. In order to give the purple color or violet, we can use the powder that we get from a crayon or other coloring stick. We need to polish the faked crystal to give it a sparkling effect.

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